GameSwift CEO Wojciech Gruszka Explains Why Developing a Steam-Like Web3 Platform Is a Gamechanger – Interview Bitcoin News

GameSwift, a gaming platform that provides cross-chain interoperability for web3 gaming, is the one-stop solution. Four pillars that make up the ecosystem are Web3 Infrastructure Platform, Gaming Studio, Chain and Web3 Infrastructure. It’s infrastructure is designed to facilitate the implementation of blockchain technology as well as the sharing of in-game resources by game developers. This allows players to enjoy their gaming experience at its fullest.

Wojciech Gruszka is the founder and CEO of GameSwift. He’s also well-known on Twitter. PanParagraf. To discuss the market, he recently joined News Podcast:

Wojciech, a lawyer and advisor on blockchain projects, is Wojciech. Thanks to his experience gained in international corporations such as Deloitte and Shell he’s been successfully advising various fintech organizations. He is well-known for his extensive tokenomics analysis Twitter profile.

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