Founder of Africa-Focused Media Firm Urges Continent’s Governments to Embrace Crypto – Defi Bitcoin News

Osita Opraraugo, founder and CEO of Footprint to Africa investment company and media focused on Africa, has encouraged governments to adopt cryptocurrency.

Africa must not be forgotten

Osita Oparaugo, founder of Footprint to Africa, has argued that a timely embrace of cryptocurrencies by African governments would be beneficial to the continent’s growth prospects. Oparaugo (who was also the host of an event on Decentralized Finance in Nigeria) stated that African countries can’t afford to fall behind with crypto.

Oparaugo outlined the reason why African governments should get involved quickly, after noting how cryptocurrencies and Blockchain have impacted global finance. He stated:

Cryptocurrency and digital money will eventually unite the world and the earlier African governments embrace it, the better for the continent’s growth. Africa can’t afford to play catch-up on blockchain technology; it’s the future.

To back up his prediction about the future of finance, Oparaugo used Twitter’s recent announcement that it will enable users to tip each other in bitcoin as an example. Footprint to Africa founder made mention of comments that Mark Cuban, a billionaire from the United States, had made. Cuban stated in those remarks that he believed defi would be a threat to banks.

Oparaugo is a crypto-supporting individual, but despite his pleas for support, African governments still refuse to embrace cryptocurrencies. However, the handful of countries who have adopted blockchain instead chose to develop central bank digital currencies.

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