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Following the recent xrp and ether prediction forecasts by crypto and fintech experts chosen by the product comparison web portal,, Finder’s latest handful of specialists have produced a predictions report for bitcoin. The group of 55 Finder’s experts think bitcoin will increase in value by more than 10% by the year’s end, and by 2025, the participants expect bitcoin to be around $79K.

Finder’s Panelists Share Bitcoin Forecasts

Finder’s experts have convened again and this time the group tallied up the predictions for the leading crypto asset by market capitalization bitcoin (BTC). 77% believe that BTC (BTC) is still a store-of-value (SoV), despite the 70 percent decline in price from its all time high. 56% of Finder’s panelists think BTC is currently underpriced and most expect BTC to climb to $21,344 by December 2022.

“Bitcoin is suffering due to external macro conditions,” Coinsmart Financial CEO Justin Hartzman told the researchers. Hartzman believes that BTC will close the year at $17K per Unit, but added that it may reach $75K by 2025. “My 2025 price prediction will depend on the aftermath of the halving. If macro conditions improve and the regulatory environment gets better, then BTC price should be able to rise up,” Hartzman added.

Nik Oraevsky is the CEO at Bitcoin Reserve. 53% of panel members believe that bitcoin will continue its correlation with growth tech stocks. “[Bitcoin] has high beta with traditional markets,” Oraevsky said. “And traditional markets are in dire straits. All hangs on fiscal policy and jabber jawing of the Fed over the next quarter,” he added.

FV Bank CEO Miles Paschini told the researchers: “The fact remains [if] you believe in the premise of Bitcoin as a unique, limited supply store of value, then its rarity is currently not priced in.”

Finder’s expert predictions are similar to the forecasts concerning the future value of ethereum (ETH) and xrp (XRP) by the fact that long-term 2025 estimates are higher. By 2025, Finder’s panelists from the ETH forecast expect ether to reach $5,154 per unit. Similar to the XRP poll, experts predict that XRP will reach $3.81. However, this depends on Ripple’s victory in the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

19% of Finder’s Specialists Think Bitcoin Is Currently Overpriced

While 56% of Finder’s panelists think BTC is currently underpriced, 19% think BTC is overpriced right now. Mitesh Shah, CEO of Omnia Markets, believes that BTC will reach $16K by 2022. “While Bitcoin has predominantly been a store of value during periods of uncertainty, the crypto market is headed into territory it has never experienced,” Shah told the researchers. Shah said that:

Bitcoin will see new lows as global traders capitulate on their investments.

Joseph Raczynski, the Thomson Reuters technologist and futurist, said BTC is fairly priced at the moment and Raczynski thinks BTC’s true battle right now is with the second leading crypto asset by market cap, ethereum (ETH). “[Bitcoin]It is being almost pulled and pushed. [ethereum] now. It is finally becoming a reality for people to recognize this. [ethereum]The boss is always the best. [bitcoin] is being bounced around in its wake,” Raczynski stressed.

At the time of writing, BTC’s dominance among the 13,234 crypto assets in existence is 38.4% while ETH’s dominance is 16.3%. Before The Merge, ETH’s dominance jumped to the 20% range but the metric has fallen since the network transitioned from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS).

Despite ethereum’s shrinking dominance, 54% of Finder’s panel thinks that ether will eventually overtake BTC’s market cap. 29% of Finder’s panel believe that ETH could turn BTC around as early as 2024. However, in Finder’s BTC prediction report from July 2021, the number of “flippening” believers was much higher at 68%.

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