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One of the largest stock markets in Asia, the Asian market has created billions in wealth for people who are able to understand the process. Users no longer need to trust third parties or get blocked based on jurisdiction, as there is finally a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone’s needs. NASDEX, the most popular decentralized cryptocurrency platform for trading tokenized Asian stock tokens, now has NSDX as its native governance token. This token is available in various ecosystems. In this post, we’ll detail everything you need to know about buying and holding NSDX.

What’s NASDEX, and what problems can it help with?

NASDEX can be used to tokenize Asian assets. Tokenized versions of Asian stocks can be created by users who put up collateral. Users can trade and provide liquidity to the stock once it is minted.

Tokenized stocks also provide additional profit opportunities for users, such as farming and staking, which aren’t available in the traditional equities market. Investors can also buy fractional tokenized assets and stocks, which makes stocks easier for those who are unable to purchase an entire share. The market should be significantly fluidized by lower barriers to entry.

Traditional equities markets are plagued by high fees, geographical, technological and economic obstacles. Many users around the globe, including some in Asia struggle to obtain Asian stocks from outside their country. To do so they must adhere to various know-your customer (KYC), policies which require them divulge personal information.

NASDEX allows users from all parts of the globe to make investments in Asian stocks without requiring permission. You can easily get involved in equity investment. There are also additional earning opportunities.

Realistically, there has never been anything like NASDEX before. The platform can reach millions across Asia, potentially generating trillions in liquidity for the entire NASDEX ecosystem.

It is however difficult to tokenize off-chain information. To tokenize off-chain information, you will need oracles (or off-chain entities) that can pull data from off-chain sources and reflect it on-chain. Top-tier projects such as Chainlink or the Band Protocol will assist NASDEX with the tokenization process.

Chainlink and Band both have been proven to be reliable oracle platforms for pricing synthetic assets. These integrations allow NASDEX to provide real-time price updates as well as seamless transactions for all minted stock. Users will be able to tokenize their favourite Asian stocks, and generate liquidity directly without the use of a broker.

Before NASDEX users had difficulty investing in Asian stocks. They would have to pay high fees and face regional restrictions. There are new opportunities for anyone to access these stocks, and make money from them.

NSDX Token

NSDX, the lifeblood for the NASDEX platform is essential. It is an ideal asset to own and keep for platform users, as token holders can earn each time an asset gets minted or burnt. NSDX is doubled as a governance token. Token holders get a voice in future upgrades and changes to the ecosystem. Users who hold more NSDX have more power, which makes it an open, democratic system that all users can participate in.

NSDX staking has been launched by NASDEX. It allows token owners to get annual interest on staked assets. NASDEX is providing yet another service to its token owners by doing so.

NSDX can be found on several decentralized exchanges that use three different blockchain networks, including Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. You can also find NSDX on PancakeSwap and Uniswap. Gate.io, QuickSwap are other places you might be able to locate it. There is always more information available.

NSDX currently has 100,000,000 tokens in total. 40 percent of these tokens will be used for liquidity mining. The remaining 26% will remain with NSDX’s core team and developers. 6.756% of the tokens were held for the asset’s initial pre-sale, which took place earlier in 2021.

The Founders of NASDEX Are Creating a Solid Roadmap

Josh Du founded NASDEX with Belinda Zhou. Du brings 15 years experience in institutional portfolio management and has managed more than one million AUD worth of funds and teams. Zhou brings many years of experience to various roles in PR related to blockchain and is well-equipped to create a community that supports any project.

NASDEX is currently working on the listing of its NSDX token to multiple decentralized platforms. Meanwhile, internal testers work towards ensuring that the DEX launches with the most user-friendly experience. NASDEX’s decentralized marketplace will allow the trading of top Asian stocks.

After the product’s launch, NASDEX will work to grow the NASDEX ecosystem and implement its governance model. The team plans to continue providing new Asian stocks and listing the NSDX token at as many markets as possible. They also plan to offer new product offerings, such as derivatives.

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