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EverRise, a blockchain technology company offers security and bridging solutions through a network of decentralized apps. EverRise’s innovative security-focused ecosystem gives developers and investors the ability to reach the largest market possible while maintaining the highest level of security. Their goal is to promote safety protocols in Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum networks. They currently provide EverBridge and EverOwn as well as EverMigrate and EverStake. More are on the horizon.

Jenn Duong, EverRise’s Director of Marketing is Jenn Duong. To talk about Bitcoin.com News, she recently joined the podcast:

EverRise Director Jenn Duong on Developing Secure dApps and the Issues Facing the DeFi Space

Jenn DuongEverRise’s Director of Marketing is her. She has a strong background in creative content and brand development. A creative bridge to the Gen Z storytellers, her extensive knowledge includes digital content creation, brand development and go-to marketing strategies. Her clients include VICE, Google and YouTube as well as UN Women.

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