Earn Passive Income on Crypto Assets with BNBMatrix

Blockchain technology can be used to generate revenue. No need to deal with brokers, banks or other financial institutions. Decentralized finance (DeFi), however, is entirely dependent on smart contract dapps that allow you to deposit and withdraw directly without any third-party involvement.

Yield farming can be a good way to make passive income from crypto-assets. To earn interest, you can lend or stake cryptocurrency. As yield farming is a top crypto investment trend in 2021, the number of decentralized applications (dapps) is also increasing. These dapps run on a blockchain or peer-to-peer network. You can now invest in cryptocurrency by finding a trusted and secure dapp via the Binance Smart Chain.

Let’s introduce one of the best yield farming smart contracts that will revolutionize the DeFi space, i.e., BNBMatrix.

BNBMatrix – A Safe Dapp for Yield Farming

BNBMatrix.io, a smart contract-based BNB Yield Farming dapp on BSC claims high returns of between 119% and 234%. BNBMatrix claims a steady and high return on investment, which could be as low at 0.01 BNB.

Features of BNBMatrix

Here are the main features of BNBMatrix

1. High-Profit Margins 

BNBMatrix yield farming offers depositors daily reward amounts ranging from 7.8% up to 17%, depending upon their deposit period (of 7 to 30 calendar days). This means that the ROI can range from 119% up to 234%. You get 7.8% ROI if your BNB is locked for 30 consecutive days. This means that BNBMatrix is the most profitable farming dapps available on BSC.

2. User-friendly 

BNBMatrix’s user interface is simple, uncluttered, and clean. This makes it very easy to use the dapp.

3. Rapid Deposits and Withdrawals

BNBMatrix offers quick withdrawal and deposit processing. Connecting your decentralized wallet requires that you scan the QR code and log on directly to the desktop. BNBMatrix supports 4 different BNB wallets on desktop browsers and 64 wallets on mobile browsers – including Ledger Live, Infinity Wallet, Encrypted Ink, and Wallet 3.

4. You are safe and secure 

BNBMatrix can be trusted 100%. The platform has been audited by Haze Crypto and is declared secure for BNB yield farming in the BSC network. The audit concluded that BNBMatrix has no backdoors, vulnerabilities, or scam scripts.

5. 24-hour Customer Support

Telegram or other social media channels offer 24/7 customer support.

6. Referral Program

BNBMatrix offers a referral program. Users will be provided with a link for friends to use after they have invested. BNBMatrix will pay a 11.5% referral fee for each level.

  • Level 1: 5 %
  • Level 2: 3 %
  • Level 3: 2%
  • Niveau 4: 1 %
  • Level 5: 0.5%
  1. Reputation

BNBMatrix has been around for a while, even though it’s still relatively new. It attracted more than 2000 BNB deposits in its first 15 days. In just 15 days, BNBMatrix had more than 9000 BNB deposits.


The conception of cryptocurrency led to the development of innovative DeFi services – the most recent and popular being Yield Farming. In 2021, Yield Farming was the most popular crypto investment trend despite the current dip in Bitcoin. BitCoin (BNB) has inspired many crypto-philes to explore alternative cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum and Litecoin. BNBMatrix.io, which is one promising option, has been attracting more investors in BNB yield-farming.


Image: Pixabay

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