Dogecoin (DOGE) Will Lose All Its Value, Finder’s Survey Shows

Dogecoin (DOGE), is struggling to recover. Do you think it is time to get rid of your DOGE

A panel composed of crypto specialists and analysts are nodding to this idea and saying that it’s your cue to sell Dogecoin. The majority of crypto experts agree that DOGE is going to lose all its value. Now is the best time to buy the meme coin.

This survey was done by Price Comparison Platform Finder (Finder) in July. Over 54 experts in crypto were asked to forecast how the DOGE will perform over the next ten years.

55 % of 54 Crypto Experts Believe DOGE A Goner

Finder asked “Do you think DOGE will completely lose its value?”

Over 55% agreed DOGE would lose its value, while 21% said the meme coin would recover. Roughly 24% were not certain of DOGE’s outcome.

Around 3% believe DOGE will lose its value in the next year. 12% think it will happen next, 9% predict it happening in 2024. 30% of experts are certain that DOGE’s meme coin will achieve its full value either by 2025, or later.

DOGE (the meme coin that Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and founder, created, began with a bang, but may not be as successful as it should.

More people are worried about DOGE and convinced that it may not go over the moon or as expected in its inception especially after around 55% or half of the panel says that DOGE’s fall will happen in the future. Just 21% of the panel believe DOGE will be able to rebound and recover its glory.

71% Says It’s Time To Sell DOGE

While most crypto experts are skeptical about Dogecoin’s future, some remain positive, such as Walker Homes, Metatope Vice President and Co-Founder who predicted that the DOGE price would rise to $0.40 before 2022.

Holmes says the token has a “great community but little utility,” adding it has the ability to draw “a culture of content creators and creatives.”

DOGE may see a slight increase in value between 2022, when it could be worth $0.19 on average. Then again, DOGE might reach $0.64 per annum by 2030.

Roughly 71% of the panel of experts composed of crypto analysts, crypto exchange owner or executives, and directors believe that it’s time to sell DOGE.

A quarter or around 24% believe that people should hold on to the DOGE they have now while the remaining 4% are convinced that it’s time to buy. 

DOGE market capital at $9.4 Billion according to the daily chart. Source:| Source:

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