Dogechain (DC) Notches 200% Hike In Trading Value In Past Week

Dogechain (DC), which was recently added to the growing crypto-space family, has seen big gains.

  • In just 2 weeks, the volume of Dogechain trades has risen to more than $50,000,000
  • DC Price reaches $0.0045 after correction
  • Dogecoin blockchain is built by Dogechain

As of press time tracking data from CoingeckoThe digital layer 2 asset, $0.001433, is currently trading. It has increased by 18.5% in the last 24 hours.


Source: Coingecko

You can also see the growth of the weekly, biweekly, monthly and daily levels. It has increased by 176.8% over the last seven days and by 141.3% during the past two weeks.

Based on its monthly-to-date numbers DogechainThe company’s market capitalization now stands at almost $43 million, an increase of 79%

Dogechain: Trading volume skyrockets

Within two weeks, the new crypto’s trading volume saw a massive surge as it reached over $50 million. At the time of this writing, however, Dogechain’s volume dropped to $33.7 million.

These are the best catapulted the digital asset’s value to $0.0045. That was short-lived however as price correction trimmed the virtual currency’s gains.

The altcoin can also be traded on twenty market places, as well Kucoin accounting almost 40% for all transactions that involve cryptocurrency.

But while Dogechain is having a very good showing in terms of price pump, the EVM-compatible layer 2 blockchain token’s true purpose is to complement meme crypto Dogecoin.

Although the asset carries the “doge” moniker, it is important to remember that it is not an extension of the Dogecoin project and is not built on DOGE network.

Dogecoin: Discover its full potential

Enhancing the utility DogecoinDogechain’s main objective is to make dogs happy. Dog-themed holders of cryptos can benefit from the additional utility this blockchain provides by wrapping DOGE assets with smart contracts.

After this, wrapped DOGE will (wDOGE), be returned to their owners. They will now be able use this token to defi products and NFTs powered via the Dogecoin network.

DOGE is aiming to be at the heart of Decentralized Financing (DeFi) with the assistance of the Dogechain darkchain.

The 10 need such an increase.Th ranked crypto in terms of market capitalization and recognized as the “OG” (“original gangster”) meme-based digital token, as it continues to struggle in initiating a bull momentum.

As of press time, the stock is at $0.595. It was forecasted to rise by CoincodexThe cryptocurrency will continue to fall over the next five trading days, reaching $0.0546. As the price of cryptocurrency is forecast to fall to $0.0367 over the next 30 day, it will also be bearish.

Crypto total market cap is $891 billion, according to the daily Chart | Featured image from Coincu News, Chart:

Disclaimer: This analysis is the author's opinion and should not necessarily be considered investment advice.

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