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On Monday, bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Canaan Inc., announced the launch of the company’s latest high-performance bitcoin miners called the A13 series. Canaan has revealed two models in the A13 series, which feature “improved power efficiency over its predecessors,” and the new models produce an estimated 110 to 130 terahash per second (TH/s).

Canaan introduces 2 Models from the A13 Series

Mining rig manufacturer Canaan (Nasdaq: CAN) announced the launch of two new mining rigs on October 24, that feature “enhanced computing power.” The new machines include the Avalon A1366 and the Avalon A1346.

According to hashrate calculations, the A1366 produces 130 TH/s at an average power consumption of 3259 Watts (W) and uses 325 watts (W), off the wall. A1366’s power efficiency rating is around 25 joules/terahash (J/TH).

Canaan Launches 2 New ASIC Bitcoin Miners With Up to 130 Terahash

Canaan’s A1346 model produces an estimated 110 TH/s and a single machine consumes 3300 W from the wall. The A1346 mining rig has an overall power efficiency rating of around 30 J/TH, according to Canaan’s statistics.

While the new Canaan units are available for purchase on Canaan’s website, the new Avalon models do not feature prices for each machine. Interested buyers need to fill out a “cooperation consultation” form, in order to inquire about purchasing the new A13s.

Canaan Launches 2 New ASIC Bitcoin Miners With Up to 130 Terahash

Canaan makes the A13s more powerful than their A12 series. They offer between 90 and 100 TH/s hashpower, depending on which unit. Canaan’s CEO says the new A13s are a milestone for the company’s high computing power research.

“The launch of our new generation bitcoin mining machine is a key research and development milestone as we take our pursuit of higher computing power, better power efficiency, superior user experience, and optimal cost-effectiveness to a whole new level,” the chairman and CEO of Canaan Nangeng Zhang said in a statement on Monday.

Avalon miners are a far cry from the original model that was made available to the public. Avalon was the first ASIC-specific bitcoin mining machine to be released on the market.

64 gigahash/second (GH/s), of hashrate was the first Avalon. This equates roughly to 0.08 TH/s. The A1366 is now 191,076% less efficient than its predecessor.

The latest A1366 has a greater power than the one that was used to support the whole Bitcoin network in January 2013, which saw a network hashrate around 22 TH/s. Canaan’s stock has increased during the last 30 days, jumping 3.86% higher against the U.S. dollar.

Six-month stats show that CAN has fallen 18.02% against today’s greenback. Prior to the opening bell on Wall Street on Monday morning, CAN’s value is around $3.23 per share.

Canaan’s CEO detailed that the company is “working around the clock, across the supply chain, to prepare for future purchase orders and deliveries of the new products to our clients worldwide.” Canaan’s competitors Bitmain and Microbt have also launched high-performance bitcoin miners this year.

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