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Laliga Golazos has been launched. It is the platform for memorable moments NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and it will replace the top soccer league in Spain. This platform was developed in collaboration with Dapper Labs and will let users purchase NFTs with video clips of their most memorable goals, starting at 2005 through the present.

Spanish Laliga Launches Laliga Golazos

Laliga, Spain’s premier soccer league, has entered the digital world of collectibles. Laliga Golazos is the new NFT platform that Laliga has launched. In partnership with NBA Top Shots creator Dapper Labs the service aims at connecting fans to some of the greatest moments in Spanish football.

Laliga Golazos is a project that aims to show videos of some of the best moments and most memorable games from the league. It started in 2005. The name Golazos comes from the word “gol,” Spanish for goal, referring to the best scoring moments in the history of the league. This NFT will let users view multiple angles for some games while listening to official play-by–play narration.

According to a press release, moments will include “amazing dribbles and skills, extraordinary assists, incredible saves, great defensive actions, and the goals millions of fans around the world celebrate.” Each one of these moments will have a grade of rarity, with rarer moments seeing less issuance than others, and will be issued on top of the Flow blockchain, which is said to be optimized for this kind of application.

Jorge Urrutia del Pozo (general manager, Laliga Golazos For Dapper Labs) spoke about the new platform:

Laliga Golazos gives fans the opportunity to buy a piece Laliga history as well as participate in an entirely new football community that rewards their loyalty.

It is in closed beta and expected to release its first NFT Drop on October 27.

Laliga’s Digital Approach

Laliga has a number of partnerships and product launches in progress to expand its target market and rekindle the passion of younger players.

The company announced earlier this month a partnership agreement with Globant (an Argentine software firm) to develop digital products in areas such as Web3 and Metaverse. The company also licensed IP (intellectual Property) from Decentraland to provide multiple experiences for a part of its Ethereum-based Metaverse platform.

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