Dacxi Announces Global Tokenized Crowdfunding Solution

PRICE RELEASE Dacxi The announcement was made Dacxi Chain – the worldThe first tokenized crowdfunding platform that showcasesThe revolutionary potential commercial value of blockchain. Tokenization of digital assets will change how the world does business – in particular how new ventures are funded.

Introducing the world’s first tokenized crowdfunding system – the unique trillion use-case of the Dacxi Chain – the latest crypto-based wealth building innovation from Dacxi Coin.

Share of the $24 Trillion market

IBM projects that digital assets will reach $24 trillion by 2027, according to IBM.

Of that amount they estimate $1 trillion will be ‘unlisted equities.’ In other words that is the expected value of the tokenized venture capital market. This demonstrates the enormous potential of Dacxi Chain, and the ecosystem that is powered by Dacxi Coin.

Dacxi Coin is the power behind DacxiChain

Dacxi Coin allows investment to be made globally and can be sent instantly.

  • The tokens can be tracked and are traceable. They cannot be counterfeited.
  • Dacxi’s global network supports tokens. This ensures education and sustainability. The security of any deals.
  • Transaction costs are much lower than they were previously (at least close to zero).
  • Subject to some token restrictions, liquidity is far higher. Equity Investments in startups can be volatile for many years.
  • The above suggests that there will be an even larger pool of applicants. Potential investors

Dacxi Chain is a link to a new world of success and innovation.

Dacxi Chain will unlock the full potential of global venture capital investments and turn crowdfunding into an industry worth trillions. The Dacxi Chain is designed to make it simpler and more affordable than ever before to acquire funding, and find opportunities for investment. Markets will be flooded with billions of dollars and millions of people, which means that many new projects can come to fruition all around the globe.

Ian Lowe, the CEO of Dacxi says “Current equity crowdfunding is estimated to be worth $10 billion. ItThis is not enough to meet the actual demand.s out there – in every corner of the world. With systems like the Dacxi Chain in place, we believe that the tokenized crowdfunding sector alone could hit a $1 trillion valuation by 2027.”

Other applications of Crypto 4.0 that are showing us the future of tokenization in finance and investing are Chiliz fan tokens, NFTs and the vast Facebook Diem payment system that brings safe, affordable financial services to people around the world, especially the billions who don’t have an effective bank account.

Dacxi Chain can change the course of history

Dacxi Chief Product Officer Fernando Pacheco says “Dacxi Chain tokenized crowdsourcing is a good use case for Crypto 4.0. It will help countless new innovations to come to life – and literally change the lives of millions of people all over the world. Its part of a revolution in the technological infrastructure in financial markets led by blockchain focussed fintech companies like Dacxi.”


Felipe Machado

Dacxi Coin Marketing manager

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