Crypto is Not as Narcissistic as You Think

The established financial system is being challenged by cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and promises an equitable society. Finance, privacy, governance, and charity — all of these components of society have been significantly boosted by technological innovations, removing barriers for everyone.

Although there has been some progress in the beginning, achieving these goals will require significant effort. The use of decentralized technologies for charities has a great deal more potential. In recognition of the potential for a worldwide community to improve the world, Tiger King Coin is now doubling down.

To support animal advocates, a group friends started the project. The first initiative was to support Joe Exotic, the Netflix star. He also fought for justice. This led to endorsements by the star and his staff. After successfully contributing over $300,000 towards that endeavor, the token’s leadership is now pivoting back to the original essential cause – advocating for tigers and supporting others who do the same.

It’s the Year of the Tiger

According to the Chinese Zodiac 2022 will be the Year of the Tiger. This cultural event will be used by the $TKING team to raise awareness and help to conserve and protect this species. The fact that tigers are decreasing in number around the globe is a terrible tragedy. They are majestic, intelligent and magnificent creatures.

By doing so, the crypto project returns to its main mission to save tigers. Instead of focusing solely on charity, it is now focusing more attention to achieving those goals. As a guideline for the future, $TKING identified a number of important initiatives.

Primarily, the team is leveraging a 2022 Year of the Tiger advertising push to increase the use cases of the $TKING eco-system. To create a strong platform for community members, the team is currently developing a number of dApps. This will be a key part in the pursuit for tiger conservationism.

Project partners will also include brands who draw inspiration from the mythology and majesty of the Tiger and work in conjunction with sanctuaries. This partnership will allow the project to increase awareness for tiger conservation efforts. The Tiger King team aims to make additional charitable donations this year, which have already started via a community-led push to donate 500 tiger plushies to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Tiger King Coin plans to expand its marketing reach to Asian countries. It will also work closely with celebrity influencers and stars to help promote conservation efforts in some of the most critical areas worldwide. Technology developments will also be part of this, which will add more value to $TKING.

These are only a few of the many features $TKING has to offer. It plans on becoming a key player in crypto-based animal conservation. This field is still young and there’s a lot of work ahead. Cryptocurrency markets can generate significant resources to help the world’s species, and that is what the Tiger King community, known as #TigerForces, is firmly intent on doing.

Project with a Cause

Tiger King Coin is preparing a number of items for next year in support of its efforts to save Tigers. The topic is well-known thanks to shows such as Tiger King. Similar to meme coins, projects have been shown how they can inspire communities and target advocacy groups or charities in need.

The 2022 year will prove to be an important one for Tiger King Coin, the community and tigers worldwide as it expands its reach to become the leading crypto center for doing good.

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