Covesting Module Month In Review: November 2021

This month was volatile, with Bitcoin and the top cryptocurrencies seeing new heights, followed by a shakeout. Market participants are now confused by where they might go next.

Covesting’s copy traders had another profitable month in November, regardless of market direction. Covesting strategist managers managed to earn a few thousand per cent in earnings despite losing most of their market share due to recent volatility. Their followers also enjoyed a portion of this good fortune. 

This is an in-depth look at the Covesting global leaderboards. It also shows the current standings. There’s even a spotlight on five of the most prominent traders each month.

Recap: Why covesting matters

Let’s recap: Copy trading software for CovestingIt is a large peer-to–peer trading network with thousands of strategy managers who are able to share their trading performance for the entire world. You can choose from the ever-growing list of followers who you want to follow, based on the metrics displayed in the leaderboards.

A five-star rating system also exists that focuses extra attention on safety and skill, however, the highest ranking individuals can still achieve total profits with no stars, just as they have in the past.

Top Five Strategy Manager Spotlight

A trader who has made more than 3500% profit is leading the current rankings in the top 5. Natilos is the strategy manager and reigning Covesting Champion. He has a lead of almost 2,200% over Kuiper. Each trader has been in operation for approximately two months, and already they have so many profits to prove it.

BeastBTC activated beast mode with a 1,100% profit total and third-place ranking. Sevengoners has been bouncing around in the top five for weeks and now holds just below 1,000% of total profits. Rounding out the top five is Winning Traders, which is what the strategy manager’s followers could be referred to as, as well, having over 900% profits to roar about.

Top Ranked Trader Is Speculating To Shorted Bitcoin

Diving deeper into the top strategy manager’s performance, we can see that most of the returns have been made over the last 30 days or so. This suggests that traders might have experienced a significant performance boost around the second week of November. Bitcoin was not enoughThe recent record-setting highs. 

Strategy managers don’t just have a keen eye for spotting reversals, but they have years of experience and the advanced trading tools offered by PrimeXBT at their disposal. PrimeXBT is an award-winning company that offers covesting copy trading. Margin trading platform. This platform allows you to trade in all kinds of trading instruments, including long and short positions.

What will the Year End Like for Covesting Copy Trades?

All eyes will soon be focused on December as the month ends. This is to find out which Covesting trader was able to earn the most to the end of the year. Covesting’s yearly review is one not to be missed. The year recap will feature stories about a Covesting trader that was able make over 100,000% before they booked their profits.

Covesting has a long history of creating new generations of traders through its copy trading module. Anyone can become a strategy manager with a low starting deposit – do you have what it takes to be the next Covesting copy trader in the top five?


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