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Argentina has two new provinces that have approved crypto tax laws. This is the beginning of a new tax model for crypto. The new law requires that Argentinian citizens disclose all cryptocurrency assets and pay tax according to trades made in Cordoba and Tucuman. Because cryptocurrencies are grouped together with other currencies around the world, they can be taxed.

Certain provinces in Argentina will tax cryptocurrencies

In Argentina, cryptocurrency taxes are available. Users who trade or hold cryptocurrency must now declare their earnings and file taxes in at least two provinces, Cordoba (or Tucuman). This is due to a provincial regulation that states that cryptocurrencies when traded will be subject to the same tax as other currencies.

In these provinces, cryptocurrency are now treated the same as any other currency internationally. Recent amendments to Article 223 were approved by Tucuman.

The purchase and sale foreign currency as well as government securities. This subsection covers the operations for buying and selling digital currency.

Cordoba also approved an identical resolution earlier in the year. It extends this tax provision for people and companies that receive payment in cryptocurrency for their goods or services.

The popularity of cryptocurrency is increasing

Due to cryptocurrency’s growing popularity as both an asset and a payment option, many countries are considering including cryptocurrencies into the laws. The government is realizing that regulating cryptocurrency payments could be a loss for their lucrative income stream.

Mexico’s government has actually recommended that this type of transaction be taxed with a 20% surcharge. After a cap on how many dollars an individual could purchase monthly, cryptocurrencies began to gain momentum in Argentina. The breaking point was reached by Argentina, which was previously not well known for its crypto involvement. It began to look into these tools and realized that they could offer a saving alternative in this difficult economic environment.

But it’s not only cryptocurrency payments having success in Argentina. Because of its low energy costs, Argentina has been a popular choice for Bitcoin mining companies such as Bitfarms. Bitfarms is currently building a Bitcoin megamining farm in order to benefit from the region’s affordable energy rates.

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