Cartesi Joins Forces with IoTeX

The collaboration includes an Ideathon for Dutch Blockchain Week. This will allow IoT services to be developed with the security and safety benefits of Blockchain technology.

The near limitless applications of blockchain technology have had a positive impact on the world this year, and thousands of companies within it. There is no sign of slowing down in industry growth. Modernized and decentralized systems are already helping to improve supply chain and hospitality as well as payment and medical systems. In fact, the market for blockchain-based devices will grow by 38.5% to more than $2,459million in 2026.

IoTeX is a pioneer in the field. It powers real devices such as award-winning, blockchain-powered cameras at Consumer Electronic Show (CES), and Pebble geo, which are perfect for optimizing supply chains in all industries. IoTeX is an award-winning EVM-compatible Blockchain for the Internet of Things. It was established in 2017. The Internet of Trusted Things is an open, trust-based ecosystem that allows humans and computers to communicate with each other without compromising privacy and security.

IoTeX and Cartesi have formed an exciting partnership this week. Cartesi is a platform which integrates Linux with other programming environments into the blockchain. As “The Blockchain OS” Cartesi bridges the gap between mainstream software and blockchain, welcoming millions of new startups and their developers to a rapidly expanding industry, offering them a home for their code.

Powerful duo

This collaboration will, in the near future, see implementations of some of the first use cases with Cartesi’s pioneering technology and the IoTeX infrastructure, performing technical integrations that will enable both teams behind the partnership to address much more sophisticated IoT-oriented solutions. The Ideathon will be held by Cartesi and IoTex during The Dutch Blockchain Week (20-21).

Participants will be asked to create an IoTeX use case that solves a real-world problem or challenges. Participants will ideate a Web3 use case that uses real-world data from IoTex’s Pebble Tracker and the off-chain computing resources from Cartesi; using real-time data, public datasets, and Cartesi’s Linux-based blockchain OS, they design an “if-then statement” that executes a smart contract depending on insights gleaned from the data type of choice.

Example use cases are plentiful: Weather insurance could take real-time temperature data from a Pebble Tracker which is cross-referenced against the 10-year historical average temperature within Cartesi’s off-chain compute environment, or real-time GPS data from a vehicle equipped with a Pebble Tracker could be cross-referenced against public map datasets within Cartesi’s off-chain compute environment to provide a trusted trip for millions of travelers.

The panel will decide the winner after a vote of the public.

Developer empowerment, IoT device end-users have new options

Cartesi’s integration of a Linux OS onto the blockchain has opened up a wealth of opportunities for businesses and individuals in the future. New experiences are possible for IoT tech users with this collaborative effort. CartesiOS has the potential of adding privacy to IoT and more complex data ownership management, giving IoT users the freedom to decide when, where, or who their data will be shared.

The topic of blockchain technology’s environmental impacts is a major focus this year. Both projects plan to join forces to find sustainable, yet effective solutions for the future of decentralized IoT. Through the partnership both sides want to get their communities up-to-speed on how their technologies can be used.

“IoTex is an environmentally friendly-oriented blockchain,” says Cartesi CEO Erick de Moura. “We combine their blockchain technology, expertise on IoT, and hardware devices with our Layer-2 environmentally friendly blockchain agnostic technology. The integrated framework will promote a more powerful development framework for our communities, developers, and any companies interested in building fully trusted IoT solutions.”

All those interested in IoT’s future and blockchain are welcome to join the Cartesi or IoTeX teams during the virtual event. Follow CartesiOr IoTeX on TwitterRegister for Dutch Blockchain Week to be kept informed about when registration opens and to receive updates on the latest talks.


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