Bumper Finance’s Public Token Sale Gives Users a Solution to Crypto Price Volatility

The registration for the BUMP Public Token Sale began on December 2nd

Wall St. has invested for years in crypto markets. However, they are very different when dealing with market volatility. Even the most experienced Forex traders can be rattled by the volatile price swings caused by cryptocurrency assets. As the blockchain and crypto industries continue to balloon in both innovation and valuation, protection from untamed price action is still largely unavailable for most, and has no doubt impacted the world’s view on the market as a whole.

In recent years, various advances have been made in the areas of cryptocurrency options and automated trading, but these products are often complex and expensive meaning they are out of reach for most “everyday” traders and investors. Bumper Finance looks to fill a gap in the market with the introduction of a price protection protocol, one that benefits both the user purchasing price protection at a premium and those providing stablecoins into the protocol’s liquidity reserve.

BUMP Public Token Sales

With over $17.5 million already invested in Bumper Finance’s mission, the BUMP Pre-Sale was heavily subscribed and the Bumper team also declined over $32 million in institutional investment in order to give more investment opportunities to their community. On December 2, the Bumper team made registrations available to the general public and encouraged them to be a part of the Bumper ecosystem. The future DAO structure will allow token holders to vote on protocol changes, use its core protection function, and play a crucial role in the balancing mechanism. In return for large rewards, token holders will be able also to place their tokens into the protocol’s core module.

Bumper Finance Public Token Sale will begin on December 9, 2021. The price of BUMP tokens is $1.50, but it is reduced to $1.25 if buyers are willing to stake tokens for three months. Given the success of past BUMP token sales the team expects high participation and would-be buyers looking for more information to secure a place in the sale.

Turning On Crypto “God Mode”

Bumper Finance introduces “God Mode” into the crypto and DeFi markets, giving users the opportunity to minimize losses on downwards price action, and also enabling them to ride the wave back up should their assets recover after a drop in price. The protocol has not yet seen this functionality and it offers significant upside potential to participants who hold BUMP tokens. These tokens must be held as access tokens that are bonded to protocol to allow them to take out positions.

BUMP tokens can be used to set a price floor, which protects against volatility. It also gives users the assurance that they will get a certain stablecoin amount for assets should their price drop. Users aren’t forced to put their assets on an exchange to ensure they find an exit. You can then use those assets for DeFi loans or farming. The crypto ‘Power-Up’ functionality within Bumper also exposes token holders to rewards from fees earned by Liquidity Providers providing stablecoin liquidity to the protocol.

On December 9, the Bumper Public Sale begins. Follow this link Bumper Twitter for updates and visit the project’s Medium page for detailed sale information.


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