Breaking Down Borders in the NFT World

NFTs are a new breed of digital collectibles. If you’ve been off-grid for the last few months you will have probably heard about them. They have taken entire industries by storm and become a multibillion dollar business in less than a year. NFTs have been viewed as an important building block in the Metaverse. However, despite the hype and media attention, NFTs still face a major challenge to their potential growth to be the driving force of Web 3.0.

The problem is that the NFT ecosystem today is fragmented. Unlike in early days when only Openseas was the dominant platform, there are many new platforms.

NFTs now encompass more than the Ethereum platform. The options available can cause confusion for collectors and fans alike.

Further complicating the situation for collectors and fans alike,  every day there is a large number of drops or NFT releases, and numbers are growing.

By early 2021 it might be as low as one per day. It can reach 50 daily today, distributed across many cryptocurrency platforms. Each drop is unique and has its own minting process. It is difficult for people to keep track of the collections that they are interested in.

Ludo, which is Latin for “I play”, is a company that aims to simplify this confusion and brings tools that everyone needs to navigate the complexity of the emerging Web 3.0.

The lynchpin of Ludo’s project is its NFT multiplatform search engine that will allow users to search across multiple Blockchains and bring an end to the current fragmentation of the NFT ecosystem.

Ludo’s search engine responds to the need for collectors to have a single source data aggregator able to deliver what they’re looking for when they’re looking for it. This eliminates missed drops and limited-edition projects.

Ludo hopes that NFT can become the portal to the Metaverse. This is why its search engine is designed to grow with the Blockchain ecosystem – integrating Web 3.0projects, virtual goods, and new releases, as they’re announced.

Ludo also offers advanced search capabilities that are specifically designed for Marketers and Brands. These will allow them to aggregate new behavioral data from Metaverses. These capabilities will allow Brands to decide which platform to use to launch virtual goods or NFTs. . This new solution will also allow Ludo to establish itself as a single credible source of accuracy for the NFT and Metaverse information that fans and collectors are looking for.

The current Ludo search version is Alpha. You can sign up here

Launching the multiplatform search engine is crucial in solving the problem of fragmentation within the NFT ecosystem. It has the potential of changing the paradigm. But this is just the beginning because LUDO’s roadmap has in store exciting new tools for different use cases within the emerging Web 3.0.

Gaming is one of these. Ludo has developed a new set of tools that can be used by creators and players. It will be available in 2022.

Play-to-earn will be a major driver of a gaming economy with Decentralized finance functionality. Users will be able to use Ludo Search in a growing NFT market, while also increasing their earnings opportunities. All this in one location.

Ludo will also be looking at further indexing and consolidating metadata associated with NFTs. This will enable a more rich and immersive search experience. These insights will give users insight that is far greater than what search engines like Google Brave or DuckDuckGo are able to provide.

In order to increase the level of engagement with the community, Ludo will also integrate its own social token, which will become a vehicle for users to transact on NFTs across multiple platforms – all within the same Ludo ecosystem.

Ludo is essentially a platform that allows collectors and users to search, find, acquire, and earn. They will integrate the various NFTs to simplify the process and reduce missed drops.

It will allow users to access eGames without the need to go anywhere else. They can earn Ludo tokens as well as exchange them for rewards.

Your NFTs can be managed in one location, eliminating the need for multiple wallets.

LUDO’s project presents an exciting future for fans and collectors, who now have a compass to help them navigate the unchartered waters of NFTs. Ludo will be your portal to the Metaverse and a new world of eGames is on the horizon.


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