Reveals Non-Fungible Token Marketplace and NFT Explorer – Bitcoin News joins a growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges which have recently launched NFT marketplaces. announced the launch of its NFT marketplace. Users can register for beta access now, as it was launched on December 2. NFT Marketplace Launches Beta Access

The non-fungible token asset (NFT), has become a multi-billion-dollar business and will likely be the industry’s mainstay in years to come. Numerous crypto-asset platforms have created NFT markets as the NFT hype continues to grow exponentially by 2021. NFT markets were announced this year by well-known crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and They are located in the midst giant NFT markets like Opensea, Rarible, and other standalone NFT marketplaces. Now, the cryptocurrency-dedicated financial services company, has announced its NFT marketplace.

“We want to make accessing the NFT market as easy as accessing the crypto market,”’s announcement details. “With the NFT marketplace (in beta), you’ll be able to browse, buy, sell, and securely store NFTs without ever leaving your Wallet.”

Firm Launches NFT Explorer’s NFT market launch announcement follows the firm’s recent acquisition of the Argentina-based investment platform Sesocio. The acquisition brings’s employee headcount to 400 workers worldwide, and it plans to establish a physical presence in Latin America. Starting today, people can sign up for beta access to the company’s new NFT marketplace which will allow users to “buy, sell, and store NFTs” inside their noncustodial wallet. Reveals Non-Fungible Token Marketplace and NFT Explorer

An NFT Explorer was also created by the company. It provides information about non-fungible tokens, such as the price and floor prices, current owner information, and last sold price.’s NFT explorer information stems from Ethereum-based NFTs hosted on the Opensea NFT marketplace. The announcement blog post also gives the reader some insight that shows individuals step-by-step directions on how to purchase an NFT on’s marketplace.

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