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PRESS RELEASE. In today’s day and age, social networks play an immense part in people’s lives. Privacy issues, as well as other concerns, have been raised and have become problems that many centralized agencies have yet to resolve.

Somewhat surprisingly, the demand for a decentralized network emerged. Many are trying to get a piece. With the fierce battle for market dominance that’s about to take place, some projects are trying to get the upper hand by launching certain incentives.

Such is the case with Viblos — a social network that aims to become “the place to be” for users striving for democratized free social networks and provides its users with various streams for earning passive income.

Viblos’ next-gen tokenized network to arrive next year

This month, the team behind the project launched the first tokenized version of their next-generation social interaction platform. The beta version will be available for users starting March 2022. Full rollout of the platform is anticipated to occur in the second quarter of 2022.

Viblos is a tokenized platform which allows users passively to earn VIBLO, the native token. How much they’ll actually end up earning depends, however, on the personal data and shared content.

Viblos, a social platform, will allow its users to connect with investors, create NFTs, and tokenize advertisements. One of the project’s promises is to never monitor or demonetize users for making dissenting comments. Viblos, in fact, has been a pioneer by emphasizing the importance and value of this promise.

The team has also asserted that they’ve addressed the aforementioned concerns about privacy, hacked passwords and governmental censorship and that users will be afforded the opportunity to gain digital assets.

Three billion VIBLO tokens, each with 20% of the initial mintage, will be issued. The remainder of the 80% will be distributed as follows: 10% to the early investors, 5% the advisers, specialists and 5% the marketing and promotion. 60% will be dedicated to staking rewards, exchange and reward among users.

Example setting

They will not have access to tokens directly. They’ll only receive tokens based on the actual capitalization of the project. This was done to prevent price dumping or flooding the market by millions of tokens.

What’s Viblos?

The interesting thing about Viblos is that it’ll allow its users to either opt for an ad-free experience or choose to watch ads and get paid for doing so. Tokenizing ads can be used to advertise companies or websites as well as goods and services.

It’s also worth noting that the project has vowed to introduce the concept of “rent out your data,” which enables users to retain the control and ownership of their own data while at the same time using it to generate income.

Viblos, a tokenized social network for mixed genders that encourages social interaction and the creation of communities based on democracy. Viblos won’t demonetize, censor, or control anyone who has a different view than the majority of big social networks.


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