Coinovy Bridge: DeFi’s Cross-Chain Link

The current bull run in the cryptocurrency market is one of its longest in history. The crypto market has risen to more than $3 trillion with record-breaking Bitcoin and Ether prices. This makes it one of most important industries worldwide. This is just the beginning, if the forecasts are true. It is impossible to imagine the future growth potential and scale of crypto market.

But as always, there’s a catch. Although the crypto market is experiencing significant collective success, it remains fragmented. It is difficult for assets to be exchanged within the crypto market because there is very little interoperability. The users often have to adhere to one network which limits their choices and also hinders the growth of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

The market is growing in both value and users. There seems to be an increasing demand for interoperability solutions and seamless asset exchange between chains. In this regard, Coinovy’s cross-chain bridge is the need of the moment for the DeFi space.

As Interoperable as Never Before

Coinovy was built in order to bring cryptocurrencies to all people. This platform aims simplify complicated transactions such as buying, selling and trading cryptocurrency. Coinovy removes major barriers that make crypto difficult to access. It offers a multicurrency wallet as well as the option to withdraw cryptocurrency to your debit card. The platform redefines payment by assigning users an International Bank account number, which can be used for funds transfers across 150 countries.

However, crypto accessibility is only possible if there’s interoperability. Coinovy realized this and created a cross-chain link that allows for seamless asset exchanges. This bridge connects Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain networks synonymous with DeFi. These are the two largest DeFi networks and home to some of the most exciting DeFi projects. Users will naturally want to trade both on these two chains.

Users can use the bridge to move assets between both chains. They also have the option of transacting on the one that offers the fastest liquidation and promises them the best price. It is extremely user-friendly and allows cross-chain transactions in a click.

This Bridge could be a gateway to allow users and crypto assets worldwide to access and leave different networks as needed.

Make the Fragments Whole

You can overlook some key aspects that may be critical to the success of a new industry. DeFi’s case is a perfect example of this. The rush to create new blockchain projects and networks created a confusing space. This lack of interoperability is a problem that has only been brought to the forefront recently. Coinovy and other DeFi projects are making great strides towards interoperability, which could lead to the industry moving to the next stage of its growth.


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