A Brave New NFT Gaming Project That is Poised to Capture Millions of Gamers

Titan Hunters’ CEO Vu Duy Tiep unveils his plan to create a video game that many will love while attempting to challenge the top leaders in the gaming industry with the latest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) implementation.

Titan Hunters – a GameFi Test for the Veteran Mobile Studio Topebox

Topebox is the mobile gaming studio responsible for critically acclaimed titles Sky Dancer, Gun N Dungeons and Gun N Dungeons. The major publishing giants include Bytedance TikTok’s parent company Minimalism (the world’s largest privately-owned online gaming website), have collaborated with Topebox and acquired the right to publish their games.

Topebox isn’t satisfied with its many successes. Instead, the company is always adaptive and flexible toward the industry’s latest trends.

Our belief is that talented individuals can work with each other and have the creative freedom to create games. This will allow the industry to move forward and achieve unexpected results. We just knew we wanted to make great games that people would play for years” said by Tiep Vu – CEO of Titan Hunters

Titan Hunters – Topebox’s latest GameFi project – is the company’s most recent effort to combine traditional video gaming with blockchain technology flawlessly.

titan hunters

The NFT gaming industry is still a very competitive market. However, Titan Hunters has made many people believe in their vision. Icetea Labs (Rikeisoft), DAOmaker and GameFi among others have shown an interest in Titan Hunters. As a result, Titan Hunters’ presale round has raised more than $2 million in funds.

What’s the Titan Hunters?

Titan Hunters is a shoot ’em up MMORPG with an incredible voxel graphic style combined with a simple, pure and innovative gameplay. Titan Hunters allows players to play as Titan Hunters. This lets them explore the fascinating world of Titans while engaging in epic battles against powerful bosses.

You can either play alone or in Co-op Mode with your teammates to gather materials and make new gears that will subdue more deadly Titans. Titan Hunters, a high-quality NFT-game that is accessible and affordable to all players, aims for a welcoming and secure environment.

Titan Hunters is a Serious GameFi Contestant.

Topebox has carefully examined the highest-performing games globally, and only selected those that will make them a success. The team has condensed these features into Titan Hunters.

  • Colorful voxel graphic: Inspired by Minecraft’s blocky world and Roblox colorful universe, Titan Hunters is seeking a potentially massive audience from all over the world.
  • It’s easy to grab and use: Titan Hunters’ gameplay is easy to learn while popular genres such as MOBA (e.g., League of Legends), FPS (e.g., CSO), Card Battles (e.g., Hearthstone) and are far too complex and require gamers to invest their time to learn correctly.
  • Multi-platforms supportSupport for cross-platform play has become a standard feature in blockbuster video games like Minecraft Roblox. Titan Hunters will follow these games’ successful path and introduce as many players as possible to NFT gaming.
  • Barrier to low entry: You are often seen on the news or social media. NFT This is not a new buzzword and may cause confusion for some users. Titan Hunters will make it easier, more fun and easy to understand. NFT as entertaining as possible.
  • Free-to-playAccess to a game is not for everyone. Take, Axie Infinity’s $500 entrance fee for a playable team of Axies has turned off many people wanting to set foot in the NFT space. Titan Hunters, however, believed that free-to-play was the best way to reach the largest audience and enjoy the greatest enjoyment.

Titan Hunters, on the other hand, targets mobile gaming, which is highly competitive and where more than 2 billion people are currently playing. Titan Hunters could be compared to:

  • Brawl StarsThe mobile battle game 3 vs.3 with more than 87 millions players.
  • Roblox: More than 250 million people use the videogame development platform.
  • Minecraft: Cross-platform sandbox video game exceeding 200 million players.
  • Titan Hunters: If you combine all the characteristics above, it is possible to have hundreds of millions players.

Plan for the Future

Titan Hunters will announce its dual IDO at the top crypto launchpads, DAO Maker and GameFi, on November 18th 2021. Follow the company’s official TwitterFor more information, please contact Telegram



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