Bitcoin Whale Breaks 8 Year Long Silence With $30 Million Worth Of BTC Transfer

A Bitcoin Whale (BTC), after eight years of dormancy moved $30 million in Bitcoin. Blockchair reported that an exact address was credited with receiving 1,000 BTC, worth $567,000. 

The Bitcoin sat dormant for a while in a single wallet, until it was moved to a larger block that sent close to 2,100 BTC two additional addresses. One address was awarded 2,000 Bitcoins. The second was worth more than 99.99 bitcoins.

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Bitcoin Movements in Dormant Wallets 

1,000 BTC were worth $30,090,000. That’s more than 53 times the original price from 2013, when Bitcoin was only $567. It cost only 0.0016 BTC, or $47.15 when it was completed.

The inactive whale wallet has received trace amounts Bitcoin 23 times over the past eight years. It appears these amounts were used for dusting. 

What exactly are dusting attacks? These involve hackers and scammers sending minuscule amounts of Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) to break wallets’ privacy.

Source: BTC/USD price chart from| Source: BTC/USD price chart from

This advanced tracker tracks blockchain transactions Whale AlertTracedThe transaction was reported to Twitter at: 

One thousand in an abandoned address #BTC30,395,186 US Dollars has been activated just after 8.5 Years (worth 468.643 USD in 2013).

You can also buy a blockchairIdentifiedA second wallet was also inactive since 2012. On Thursday, 500 BTC were transferred to it. On 5th April 2012, the first Bitcoin deposit was made.  A further 499 BTC were added to the wallet on June 3rd 2012. At that point, the Bitcoin price was $5.25 per coin.

However, there were modest amounts of BTC received by the wallet during this period. These appear to be dust transactions that scammers used to conduct dusting attacks.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Remarks and Contribution

Although the creator of Bitcoin is unknown for many years, people believe they still know it. Transactions from long-dormant wallets are often the subject of media attention. Because they generate chatter speculating that the BTC could be owned by Bitcoin’s secretive creator, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Nakamoto released the genesis blocks on January 3, 2009. It has mined almost one million bitcoins since then according to Blockchain analysts.

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Satoshi confirmed his Appearance on the internet in December 2010 when the Bitcoin network’s client software Version was 0.3.19, and now Bitcoin’s versionThe number is 22.0  

Bitcoin has shown volatile moves over the last several months. Bitcoin was last seen at $ 36,000 just before a week. Bitcoin fell to $25,401 last Wednesday. 

Bitcoin is now recovering from an all-encompassing market crash. As of the time of writing, it has increased in value by 13.5% from this year’s low and is trading for $29,353.


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