Bitcoin Price Surges As U.S. October Jobs Data Comes To Light

Sometimes, the level of volatility in Bitcoin and other crypto markets can be very demoralizing. While many cryptocurrencys are losing value in 2022, others have more rallies and pullbacks. Since the inflation growth began, this has been a problem for the market.

Crypto prices are affected by every piece of macroeconomic news. Inflation data is one example of what can lead to price crashes. That’s why the general market usually dreads the days when the Feds make the announcements.

The Latest US Data Impacts Crypto Price

The crypto market has been affected by a report that examines the US employment data. This time however, many cryptocurrencies saw price increases.

Data from the US relate to unemployment. According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics the national unemployment rate was 3.7%. While the actual number was only 200,000, total non-farm payroll grew by 261,000.

In the US, the percentage of unemployment data increased by 0.2%. This brings the total up to 3.7% for October. September data had 3.5%. This increased the number of unemployed to 6.1 million.

The non-farm payroll rose 261,000 to October from the estimate of 200,000. According to the report, those who were employed in October included professionals, technical and health services, as well as manufacturing. These figures, according to analysts, showed that US’s labor market had become more tighter in recent months.

The US Dollar Index data declined to 112.22 after October’s job data release. Also, the stock market futures shows a more than 1% rise in S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, and Dow Jones.

CME FedWatch Tool data is next. There is 47% likelihood that the Feds will issue a 50 basis point increase in December, according to the report. The chance of an interest rate rise to 75 basis points is 52%.

Bitcoin’s and other cryptocurrency reactions

Interesting price movements were observed in the crypto market after October’s data on US jobs became available. BTC gained almost 4% immediately, and ETH climbed by 5%. The current Bitcoin price is $21,332 which indicates a 24 hour increase.

Today, the number-one crypto reached $21K and continues to grow. Ethereum’s value has risen by 7.14% to $1,600 within 24 hours. BNB and XRP have both gained 9.4% and 8.822%, respectively.

Bitcoin Price Surges As U.S. October Jobs Data Comes To Light Bitcoin bullish momentum persists l BTCUSDT

Altcoins such as Cardano and Solana have seen more than 5% growth, along with Polkadot and Shiba Inu. Litcoin LTC has seen a 9.69% increase in the past 24 hours. Polygon MATIC is the biggest gainer, with a 22.54% price increase in just 24 hours.

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