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Play a brand new crash game on’s crypto casino brought to you by BGaming!

First Space Crash Game Ever! Games

Crash gambling, a form of casino gaming that involves a fun and simple mechanic. This game is still relatively young and attracts modern gamers who love to increase their excitement with crazy money multipliers. Crash games have found a niche spot among Bitcoin gaming enthusiasts as it closely resembles the nature of cryptocurrency charts and the thumb-rule of ‘getting out at the right time’ before the market crashes.

Our crypto casino is now open GamesBGaming, one of the most popular gaming companies in crypto casinos industry, is bringing to you a unique crash game. This crash game is a completely different kind of adrenaline rush. Space XY,Players can fly their spacecraft into interstellar space. As it flies higher, its money multipliers increase by traversing the X- and Y coordinates. Games Releases its Very First Crash Game Space XY

To cash out, players can make bets about how high the rocket will fly and when it will stop.

Players can win by placing bets prior to the flight or hopping off just in time. Huge wins up to 10,000xTheir bet amount. To maximize their profits, they can make multiple bets throughout the flight. You can exit the rocket using the autoplay function.

Space XYThis is an extremely fun and exciting game that offers players an experience unlike any other online casino game. You can check out the new addition game here BGaming Get started now Games!

Space XY: What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know how you feel about Space XY.

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