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Deloitte, one of the Big Four accounting firms, announced Tuesday a partnership with Ava Labs to develop the Avalanche blockchain network. According to the announcement, Deloitte’s new cloud-based platform leverages Avalanche in order to “improve security, speed and [the] accuracy of Federal Emergency Management Agency reimbursements.”

Deloitte will use Avalanche Protocol for its newly launched Close As You Go Platform

During the last few years all four of the Big Four accounting networks, PWC, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG, and Deloitte have been involved in blockchain consulting, research, and development. On November 16, Deloitte announced a strategic alliance with Ava Labs in order to “improve state and local governments’ recovery from natural disasters and public health emergencies.” The Avalanche blockchain will be leveraged to improve the firm’s new cloud-based solution.

According to Deloitte, the company’s newly launched Close As You Go (CAYG) platform is meant to help state and local governments streamline disaster reimbursement applications. This application is directed specifically at the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency. The CAYG’s cloud-based platform leverages Avalanche (AVAX) in order to provide a decentralized and transparent system that “empowers both grantmakers and funding recipients.”

Alex Haseley, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and Deloitte’s government and public services crisis management portfolio leader says CAYG plays a “critical role” in helping bolster these types of federal emergency efforts. “When disaster strikes a community, state and local officials must act swiftly and deliberately to respond,” Haseley said. Executives at Deloitte added:

The new Close As You Go platform is a great tool to help these leaders to validate and aggregate the necessary documentation to prove eligibility and to reduce risk of negative audits.

Avalanche Protocol Provides a Safe Environment for Federal Disaster Claims

The Avalanche ecosystem (AVAX), has experienced an exponential increase in the past year. AVAX, Avalanche’s native currency, is now up 2,522%. data shows that Avalanche has the fifth largest total-value locked in decentralized financing (defi), at $10.15 trillion TVL. The Avalanche Foundation launched Blizzard in November. This $200 million fund is dedicated to funding developers who are creating innovative Avalanche-based platforms.

On Tuesday, Ava Labs president John Wu said that the organization was “proud to work closely with Deloitte to offer this new, secure and beneficial technology for communities across the country.” The melding of CAYG and the Avalanche blockchain will create a secure environment for federal disaster claims, the Avalanche team claims. According to the announcement, Deloitte also chose to leverage Avalanche because it’s an “eco-friendly platform, which aligns with Deloitte’s commitment to green technology.”

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