Ariane Capital Launches ARBA Spin, A Crypto Fund to Offer Absolute Performance

Ariane Capital, an established family office, has launched ARBA SPIN. This certificate is actively managed and with a long-term direction.

This fund combines the best of both the cryptocurrency’s fundamental analysis with the ability for investors to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise.

The crypto market has gained widespread attention over the last two years and is now being widely adopted. Traditional financial institutions are increasingly seeking to be exposed to this asset class.

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Ariane Capital noticed that clients are looking for long-term exposure to crypto assets. To meet this demand the firm created ARBA SPIN, which offers absolute performance.

In a bear market, the ARBA SPIN returned +12.5% its very first month of launch. Ariane Capital attributes this performance to the “alpha generator qualities of the management team, who were able to identify several significant opportunities.”

Despite being a conservative family office, it has been seeing “growing demand” from its clients, said Benjamin Guez, co-founder of the multi-family office Ariane Capital, in an interview. It uses existing tools, such as futures or options, to help manage risks.

“The market is now aware of the underlying assets’ volatility and wishes to have a dedicated risk allocation given the strong potential of the crypto asset class in this universe,” Guez said.

It’s important to be early and strong

Ariane Capital is one of few European operators that has the arbitrate fund ARBAFUND. Its objective is to decorrelated from other markets. This was the first structured and regulated arbitrage fund to be available on the European market.

The ARBA Fund’s monthly performance was 0.12% during the May downturn, when the cryptocurrency market suffered losses exceeding 50%. But as the crypto sector evolves and continues to gain adoption, arbitrage gaps and opportunities are shrinking, resulting in a 15% return in 2021 compared to 2020’s performance of +41.75%.

Ariane Capital, a family-owned technology company, was involved with crypto in a very early stage eight years ago. In those days, cryptocurrency was still a new sector and the company took several years to get a bank account opened and to offer liquidity to clients.

In the meantime, the company has assembled a group of experienced financial market professionals as well as fund managers who specialize in proper risk management. The services offered by this firm range from legal structuring and deposit opening to securities.

The company now has the ability to invest in crypto, analyze it and help its development.

Being early in the game means, “it allowed us to be ahead of and in sync with the whole crypto universe,” said Guez.


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