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PRESS RELEASE. Arbswap is an Arbitrum-native decentralized market maker automated exchange. It has made significant strides in the last months. Arbswap, which recently launched Nova Accelerator, with the support of Old Fashion Research. This multi-strategy, blockchain investment fund, was created after the company’s contracts were moved to Arbitrum Nova. By establishing the Accelerator, Arbswap has set out to support the growth of Arbitrum Nova’s ecosystem through investments and advisory services for projects building on the platform. Arbswap says that the Nova Accelerator is designed to invest. $10,000,000The ecosystem of Arbitrum Nova.

Arbswap & Arbitrum Nova

Arbitrum Layer-2 scale solution Arbitrum Nova optimizes low-cost transactions and provides strong security assurances. Arbitrum Nova, the Arbitrum Layer-2 chain, is built upon its AnyTrust technology. This allows it to support applications with large volumes of price-sensitive transactions like gaming or social media.

Arbswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that aims at providing maximum security for users who trade tokens via its DEX. Arbitrum Nova boasts high security and low transaction costs even at high volumes, so Arbswap’s swift decision to migrate to Nova is sure to serve as a significant first mover advantage over other exchanges with “high” transaction costs of the Arbitrum One chain. Arbswap’s many DeFi tools, including liquidity mining and staking pool, as well Dasher (a launchpad product that bootstraps Arbitrum Nova projects using vested tokens sales), make it a highly attractive DEX.

Combining with Dasher, Arbswap has been able to establish itself as a strong force in Arbitrum Universe. The Nova Accelerator offers project builders on Arbitrum Nova an opportunity to finance and launch products through Arbswap.

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