AAVE Price Poised For A Big Rebound With $94 On The Crosshair

According to track from, AAVE is in recovery mode and has successfully crossed the $80 psychological resistance mark to trade at $82.52 as of the writing. Coingecko.

  • AAVE moves past $80 resistance mark
  • Altcoin may be in line for a boost to $116
  • AAVE continues price pump despite Tron Founder’s massive withdrawal from the crypto’s protocol

The cryptocurrency has managed to accumulate a staggering 78.7 million in the past seven days. Price increaseThe increase is also 8% month to date.

AAVE’s price has been falling due to bearish sentiment that has plunged crypto into chaos over the last two months.


Under this, an asset’s price moves into a bullish trend before an immediate correction happens. Two trendlines are created, but consolidation stops when the price breaks the upper trend.

That movement signals bullish activity and by the looks of it, that’s where AAVE is headed for the next few days.

Analyse and Momentum of AAVE Price

AAVE has seen a 16.5% increase over the past four days. This is despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market was experiencing erratic price movements.

As the…” The patternIt could also indicate that there is a potential price drop in the digital asset, as shown by the daily candle. This suggests that the support level of $80 will be tested again.

That shouldn’t be a problem, at least for now, for AAVE, as it is predicted to resume its resurgence once the retesting is complete, pushing all the way up to $95 – and even to $116.

The crypto’s vortex indicator is not showing any weakness for the upcoming bull run and the increase in trading volumes suggest AAVE is in a genuine price recovery as of this moment.

Weathering Negative Network Activity

It is performing well despite the negative activity that it has in its network, which includes Tron Founder Justin Sun.

The highly acclaimed crypto figure is PeckShieldAlert. This according to PeckShieldAlert data analytics. WithdrewAave Protocol V2 has more than $100 Million USDT stablecoins

It was made in two separate transactions of 50 million dollars each. This was accomplished through a wallet account funded by Poloniex, a crypto exchange platform.

The AAVE market capital is $1.16billion according to the daily chart. Featured image by The Coin Republic. Chart: TradingView.com| Featured image from The Coin Republic, Chart: TradingView.com

Disclaimer: The author's analysis should not be taken as investment advice.

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