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ADALend is a trustless, decentralized, and scaleable lending protocol that allows users to manage their own business in a controlled environment. From the start, they committed to building natively on Cardano Blockchain. This will allow them to integrate protocols that help business models provide economic support for billions.

In a recent interview, Kaspars Koskins (CEO at ADALend) stated that the company would be an innovative platform for lending digital assets that is backed by smart contracts technology. This platform allows users to make loans for those in need. Blockchain allows you to manage your assets and make a profit without the need for a middleman or bureaucracy. The platform will serve as a store of value, so users’ assets will grow in value as the demand increases while you are earning a return on your money.

Kaspar’s Perspective on Decentralized Cardano

Kaspar continued to discuss the problems that Ethereum faces. First, there is the issue of transaction fees. These fees are causing Ethereum to be replaced by more cost-effective and efficient networks for users around the globe and other areas around the globe that are more sensitive to high transaction costs in relation to transaction value.

Kaspar believes that Cardano’s current decentralized network is more reliable and secure than other networks on the market. Solana is also heavily centralized. Cardano’s decentralization is what he said, explaining that it has all the necessary security and speed to make a true democratic financial system that everyone can access.

To a Cardano Native Platform

ADALend, a technology company that uses the Cardano blockchain to manage digital currencies will have the opportunity to benefit from the huge market for this type of management. ADALend allows anyone to transfer their digital assets, and makes them available for loans. This platform is designed to become Cardano-native and is currently being developed by Haskell, Plutus, while staying within the parameters of Smart Contracts on Cardano Blockchain.

Kaspar went on to note that ADALend has been included in Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK”Essential )’s Cardano List” of projects that support and provide Cardano users with products and services. CardanoCube.io has the Business Development team working hard on exciting partnerships which they will soon announce.

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