8 Best Crypto on Reddit to Buy and Explore in 2022

It is a good strategy to invest in crypto. Reddit could be the right place to look for the most profitable cryptocurrency to purchase now.

Throughout this guide, we’ll take a look at eight of the best crypto to buy right now Reddit and provide a guide detailing how to purchase our top choice. Let’s begin.

Best Crypto on Reddit to Buy – Our Picks

Every project listed here has been selected because it is both useful and offers great upside potential.

  1. Tamadoge – Overall Best Crypto on Reddit
  2. Battle Infinity – P2E Gaming Ecosystem with Explosive Potential
  3. Lucky Block – NFT Competitions Platform Primed to Explode
  4. Loopring – Layer-2 Ethereum Scaling Solution
  5. Nexo – Crypto Loans and Yielding Platform
  6. ApeCoin – Yuga Labs Affiliated Cryptocurrency
  7. Hedera – Enterprise-Grade Layer-1 Blockchain
  8. Monero – Privacy-Focused Crypto Project

Best Crypto on Reddit to Buy – Reviewed

Finding crypto set to explode doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve rounded up and reviewed eight of the projects most likely to experience parabolic growth in the near future.

Tamadoge – Overall Best Crypto on Reddit

Tamadoge (TAMa) is a crypto presale that provides utility for memes coins via the creation of a rewarding and engaging play-to earn game.

Tamadoge pet owners can communicate with each other and explore the Tamaverse Metaverse. Every 3D-animated pet can be tokenized, and upgraded with Tamadoge items. Dogepoints can be earned by pet owners who have their pets level up. They will also get a higher ranking on the leaderboard. A player’s rank determines how much they receive in the rewards pool.

Tamadoge’s supply limit of only 2 billion tokens, as well as the 5% transaction fee on in-store transactions makes it likely that TAMA will continue to rise exponentially over time. TAMA is already listed on LBank. This means that the token may explode once the presale ends.


Tamadoge can appeal to crypto enthusiasts as well as casual gamers, and this could make it a huge success. Tamadoge could benefit from the fact that most cryptocurrency games neglect casual gamers.

Tamadoge, a promising crypto Reddit project, is a great choice. It’s currently in presale but the price per TAMA will slowly increase as tokens are sold so it’s worth getting in early. You can find more information on the Tamadoge Telegram. Administrators are not allowed to send messages first.

Battle Infinity – P2E Gaming Ecosystem with Explosive Potential

Battle Infinity (IBAT), a multiplayer online gaming platform that combines DeFi and NFTs, is now available. It has already been an overwhelming success with investors, who sold out its presale raising 16,500 BNB. PancakeSwap will list the IBAT token on August 17, so that investors can still buy it.

There are six main features to the Battle Infinity ecosystem. The Battle Infinity ecosystem includes a fantasy sports league, Metaverse arenas, P2E games and an NFT marketplace.

With Battle Infinity providing investors with a wide range of features that complement one another, it’s likely to keep a greater amount of value within the IBAT ecosystem rather than going to third parties like OpenSea.

Because Battle Infinity is known for its strong community and demand for IBAT tokens, PancakeSwap’s listing should cause IBAT to rise in value, potentially attracting even more investors. With this crypto set to explode, it’s worth checking out Battle Infinity and joining the IBAT Telegram group.

Up-to-date – IBAT exploded 4.5x within minutes of its listing, a 6x gain relative to the presale price, before a correction.

IBAT pricing chart for launch day

Lucky Block – NFT Competitions Platform Primed to Explode

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is the only NFT competition platform where everyone’s a winner. Blockchain technology is used to build a fair system.

By purchasing NFTs from the leading NFT marketplace launchpad you can participate in Lucky Block competitions. Prizes range from $1 million in Bitcoin to World Cup Tickets or a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT, so there’s something for everyone.

Even after a competition has ended the NFT doesn’t lose its value. Every day the NFT holder receives a part of the rewards pool. This gives each NFT immediate and long-term value.

Lucky Block changed from ERC to BEP at the beginning of July. This allowed the project to become listed on centralized exchanges. After the first MEXC listing, the token rose by approximately 400% within a few days. A new listing on Gate.io has recently been announced for mid-September so it’s the perfect time to stock up on tokens.

Lucky Block, which has many listings in the future is one of the best cryptocurrency to purchase right now Reddit. To hear the most recent listing, join the Lucky Block Discord group.

Loopring – Layer-2 Ethereum Scaling Solution

Ethereum has been plagued by issues with scale and gas charges for some time. However, layer-2 Ethereum Roll-up Loopring could make that a thing of the past.

By acting as a layer on top of Ethereum, Loopring benefits from the network’s decentralization and security while also being able to add extra features. Loopring, which bundles transactions off-chain for simultaneous settlement at a later date on-chain, helps to lower fees and increase scalability.

Loopring has constantly been regarded as one of the best crypto to buy right now Reddit and it’s only improving so we could see it become the next cryptocurrency to explode.

Nexo – Crypto Loans and Yielding Platform

Nexo (NEXO), is a platform that allows crypto-savvy investors to earn loans and rewards.

Crypto investors have immediate access to crypto-backed fiat loans. This will help them avoid problems with capital gains. Investors may also use NEXO and other cryptos for rewards, locking their assets.

It fulfills an important need in crypto and has received a lot of attention from Redditors.

ApeCoin – Yuga Labs Affiliated Cryptocurrency

ApeCoin (APE), a new cryptocurrency, was partly created by the BAYC NFT collection team.

APE is a governance token that allows the ApeDAO to allow the community to manage the APE ecosystem. The project can be updated and treasury expenditures can also be voted on by investors.

ApeCoin has the potential to become a popular cryptocurrency, thanks to Yuga Labs’ projects.

Hedera – Enterprise-Grade Layer-1 Blockchain

Hedera (HBAR), a enterprise-grade Blockchain, is ideal for dApps.

Hedera can process a much higher number of transactions than other networks such as Ethereum. It can settle transactions fast and inexpensively.

Recent interest in the project’s use in Web3 apps and dApps has led to it being a popular choice for investors in crypto.

Monero – Privacy-Focused Crypto Project

Monero is a privacy-centric crypto which allows you to anonymously send money.

Monero hides all key information (amount, addresses etc.) in order to ensure anonymity. With Monero adhering to the crypto ethos, it’s become quite popular in recent years.

Recently, it was revealed that Monero receives 25% more volume than Bitcoin. Reddit suggests that XMR might be the best cryptocurrency to purchase right now, based on these figures.

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