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Ericsson is a Swedish company that provides telecom services and hardware. They have linked 5G with metaverse platform use. A study found that users who have access to 5G data have spent more time in extended reality apps and the metaverse, which is why they believe this will shift to headsets within the next two-years.

Ericsson Study Reveals that 5G is a Metaverse Enabler

A recent study issued by Ericsson, the Swedish telecom giant, deals with the effects powerful data transmission tech — like 5G — have on the adoption of metaverse and extended reality tech. The study, which includes Ericsson’s tracking data since 2019, surveyed 49,000 consumers in 37 countries and is said to be representative of the opinions of 1.7 billion users worldwide.

The study found that 5G users are much more keen to use immersive technology than 4G. 5G users already spend one hour more per week using metaverse-related websites and services than their 4G counterparts. According to this report, the 5G technology market is projected to be 510 million in consumers by this year. This means that metaverse adoption will also grow.

At a global level, six out of ten 5G adopters believe that this technology is “essential” for the metaverse to reach its full realization. According to the study, carriers can reap the benefits of bundling their metaverse apps with 5G plans. Telefonica in Spain and NTT Docomo Japan are both taking measures to make their users able to enjoy metaverse experiences.

Metaverse expected to migrate

Users of 5G data think one thing, however: the metaverse will undoubtedly migrate to more immersive platforms. A survey revealed that 50% of customers who are using 5G data already use extended reality and metaverse apps. They believe that these services will eventually migrate to XR (extended Reality) in the coming two years.

Surprised by the survey results, Ericsson was not prepared. Jasmeet Sing Sethi from Ericsson Consumerlab stated that the survey results were surprising to him.

Interesting to see that early adopters of 5G are embracing metaverse-related services such as playing and socializing on interactive 3D virtual gaming platforms, as well as buying digital goods in 3D. Over the last two years, 5G users have spent twice as much time on augmented reality apps.

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