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You can get $50 off your domain purchase and Web3 access for a short time. Unstoppable Domains allows users to track all their portfolios by simply entering their domain. CoinStats, Unstoppable Domains both believe the cryptocurrency ecosystem should be easier to access. This partnership allows us to offer a more user-friendly experience.
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CoinStats Partners in Unstoppable Domains

CoinStats has announced a new partnership with Unstoppable Domains. This innovative company connects Web2 and Web3 using blockchain domains. So far, Unstoppable has registered more than 2.5 million NFT domains, and they’re supported by 400+ different applications. Users can get readable names for crypto wallets, which they can use to gain easier Web access.  

CoinStats users used to have to manually link wallets to their full token portfolio. You can now link your NFT domain directly to our app, and have complete control over and transparency regarding your digital assets. 275+ cryptocurrencies.

Here’s what’s included in the scope of this newly established partnership:

  • The Unstoppable Domains gives Get $50 off your purchase CoinStats users holding ⚡3000 Sparks from CoinStats Rewards so they can buy their first NFT Domain in the next 15 days. Get yours today! Don’t have ⚡3000 Sparks yet? Go on a quest.
  • Unstoppable Domains customers will receive a one-month free subscription to CoinStats premium. This allows them access to advanced portfolio analytics and exclusive coin insights. They also have the ability of custom price alerts.
  • We’ll host a Twitter Space together on the23 September 2009, 9:59 EDTFor more information about this partnership, or to answer questions that you might have. If you are interested in learning more, make sure to schedule a reminder.
  • CoinStats users can now track their portfolios – crypto assets, NFTs and DeFi LPs – by simply inputting their Unstoppable Domain. This makes it so easy!
Connecting unstoppable domains
Connecting unstoppable domains

How to use Unstoppable Domains promo code

1. Earn ⚡3000 Sparks exploring CoinStats app. 

2. Fill out this form to get the Unstoppable Domains promotional credit from CoinStats Rewards

3. Get the code by opening your email

4. Go to UnstoppableDomains.com and choose the domain you want to purchase.

5. Click Add to cartLet’s go! Navigate to Cart You’ll see the actual domain value, minus any promo credit.

6. Click Take a look at You must confirm that Promo Credits will be used to pay. That’s it!

CoinStats now allows you to use the Unstoppable Domain to track and connect your entire portfolio. 

If you’re looking to find out more about how to get your Unstoppable Domain and use it to track your portfolio on CoinStats, please watch this video: 

Comments on the Brand New Integration

Sandy Carter (SVP, Channel Chief for Unstoppable Domains) commented on the integration.

“We’re all about making Web3 easier to use, and with CoinStats, we’re giving domain holders a seamless way to keep track of all of their crypto assets. We’re excited to give people more utility for their Unstoppable Domains and help users take control of their Web3 identities.”

Tigran HakhuntsHe is optimistic about all the opportunities that this partnership could open, as well as CoinStats’ Business Development Manager. He stated:

“Unstoppable Domains is a pioneer in the Web3 space, and their mission to help users take control of their Web3 identity resonates with our brand and values. Together with Unstoppable Domains, we are giving people the power to be fully in control of their digital assets and make it even easier to engage with Web3.”

We’re very excited to offer CoinStats users an easier way to track their whole portfolio and explore the world of Web3!

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