Allowing Creators and Fans to Co-create and Co-monetize

It has never been easier to create — and this is reflected in 50 million creators trying to earn a living from their work — but the majority are struggling as only 2% of creators are earning income above minimum wages.

Creators all have their superfans who create great content. Yes, that’s right – The flip side of being a creator is what makes a creator in the first place: Their fans.

Fan content is now more popular than original content. The 75 million fan artists and fans that create derivative work and fan art have produced a staggering 7.5 Billion fan content, which includes videos, images, comments, live streams and other media.

Most of the content that is generated remains unmonetized. This content is ‘forgotten’, remains unmonetized, and is not used as a distribution driver. This is an enormous missed opportunity. Video is a great example of this. Even though it accounts for more than 85% internet traffic, many video creators are still locked out by linear passive broadcasts or distribution models.

The Sagaverse project’s  founders spoke to content creators and communities to identify the best solutions to solve these problems. What’s needed now, is the ability to unleash new forms of video experiences, while fairly compensating for fandom, community, and participation.

We will show you how Sagaverse empowers ownership and attribution for lifetime passive income.

Sagaverse Key Points

Sagaverse is a protocol and engine for social media web3 and makes it simple for fans and creators to collaborate, co-monetize, and distribute content.

Sagaverse is creating a cross-platform application that serves as the user-facing interface for rich media players. It also integrates an innovative approach to co-creation that uses derivative content monetization.

Sagaverse brings creators together with fans. It allows them to activate their fans, and thus, bring unlimited benefits.

For creators, there’s nothing more powerful than a fan and what fans crave most is meaningful interaction and connection. Think about the potential network impact if both creators and their fans had the option to buy into it.


Sagaverse’s central component is its blockchain-powered manifest. This ensures that attribution information and licensing information are carried along, and terms are honored. Two main components make up the protocol:

  • Rich Media Manifest is for composing and distributing tokenized assets and recomposing them while retaining attribution, license information and no duplicate assets
  • Media Engine combines creation and consumption interactive visual assets (D, 3D), Programmable, Audio).

There are many possibilities for fans and creators

Sagaverse content is known as a Saga. Sagas is all about collaboration and creativity.

Sagaverse lies at the core of its existence. rich media playerThis product is designed to be used with next-generation visual media such as interactive and augmented videos. This is what we know people want and will enjoy the most in future content formats.

This media manifest and media player can be combined to encourage co-creation, attribution and new media experiences.

3D artists have the ability to create 3D characters and let 3D animators animate them, adding video filters, AR gaming, custom Emoji packs, and so on. The 3D artist responsible for the original character gets royalties or rewards each time it is used by fans or other artists. Creators also have the option to mint video NFTs, making them easily remixable, and receiving royalty payments when they are consumed.

When advertisers place ads created by creators, they pay the royalties to their co-creators.

Creators have the option to collaborate with fans, allowing them to co-own NFTs for augmented video, also known as Rich Media by Sagaverse.

A second, a like, a comment, a remix, a collaboration – everything counts and generates value.

For what purpose is Sagaverse intended?

Web2 platform business models are not suitable for new demands of creators, consumers, and fans.

Web2 did not allow artists who were focused on interactivity, but the internet is now asking for such content. The platform was created by Sagaverse developers for artists creating interactivity-intensive content, including video that contains fast-moving material (like sports), 3D animators, motion graphic artists, shader programmers and developers who produce programmable content. An open rich media format that can be used to describe content such as comments, likes and reaction videos.


To own the Sagaverse token, you are able to control the future of creation. This token can be used for all platform transactions. It is partially backed by DAO ownership in a growing content collection. The platform transactions and stake are what generate token demand.

Monetizing can be easy.  You can mint, own and receive all your payments from the Sagaverse mobile application. Creators receive 95% of all revenue. Saga owners get rewarded with Play to Earn, which pays out every year over the lifetime of the content. Sagaverse’s blockchain protocol ensures attribution and licensing information is carried along and terms are always honored.

Sagaverse makes it possible for anyone to help creators via content staking.Anybody can buy additional Saga tokens or invest tokens they have already earned. Tokens will be distributed to their owners and stakeholders based on how many derivative works, transactions, and engagement a Saga has. This rewards and incentivizes creators as well as fans to increase the Sagaverse’s network via co-ownership.

Sagaverse DAO keeps a 5% transaction fee for the maintenance and growth of the platform. Some portion is divided among creators according to how much their content is used.


The first product launch of Sagaverse dApp is scheduled for a Q4 2022 release, targeting short-form video Creators, eSports players, 3D artists, 3D animators, developers, and fans of Sagaverse’s future is an open protocol for tokenized rich media.

Sagaverse’s protocol will be open in late 2023, allowing publishers the ability to create and consume experiences. It also allows publishers to launch web3 media apps that collaborate with other publishers.

Finishing up

Web2 alone isn’t enough to allow content creators to earn a living. Web3 offers a wide range of possibilities for fans and creators, which allows them to collaborate, create, and monetize.

Sagaverse brings together 3D artists, 3D animators and 3D gamers, as well as developers and other fans of interactive video creations who want to monetize them.

Blockchain technology allows the distribution, recomposing and reuse of tokenized assets with the preservation and use of attribution and licensing information.

Mobilizing groups to make, remix, and monetize AR and interactive video

  • Your digital assets can be shared with new audiences
  • New revenue opportunities from digital assets
  • Create with your idols. Create, remix, and monetize your fan base.

This incentivizes creators as well as fans to help build the Sagaverse network via co-ownership and co-monetization.

Their Mission is bold: Empower 1 billion creators and fans to co-create,  generate income and thrive through creation and play with interactive visual content.


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