3 Play-to-Earn Crypto Games Users Can’t Afford To Miss

Gaming industry has earned $175 billion in 2021. Gaming has seen blockchain technology become increasingly prevalent, and gamers now enjoy the rewards. Some are earning $2,000 an hour in crypto games such as Axie Infinity, which can bring them up to $175 billion.

The popularity of the Sandbox grew so did its token price. Both institutional investors and retailers were attracted to the Sandbox’s coin, which soared more than 800% over a single month.

Recent research has shown that the growth of gaming and the P2E model (play-to earn) will exceed 20% by 2022. The most suitable technology for supporting the business is blockchain and cryptocurrency. AXE, SAND and other gaming platforms are popular with investors. Here’s a list that you should keep your eyes on:


The newest player in blockchain gaming is making waves and playing alongside the major players. The $JED token is part of the JEDSTAR DECO Decentralized Ecosystem, but soon $KRED will be introduced.

Over 100 games are currently in development by the company. $KRED will be used as in-game currency. The company also has partnerships with gaming studios and developers to offer their crypto as a service. The ambitious venture will produce both in-house game and NFT-based marketplace. It will also establish strategic and nonblockchain alliances.

Decentralization (MANA).

It is another Ethereum-based currency. As in Second Life, the players can create 3D items to be sold. You can use the Decentraland cryptocurrency MANA to buy digital LAND and trade 3D objects. It is now live and shows off the potential of cryptocurrency gaming.

Decentraland could be benefited from partnership with Atari and Decentral Games (ATRI). The game can be played now, if desired.


GALA Games

Eric Schiermeyer was co-founder at mobile gaming startup Zyn and also made games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and GALA. GALA is an Ethereum-based currency. This company is designed to give users more control over their tournaments.

It has over 1.3 million users. NFT holders on the platform can vote on new games, and have an influence on gameplay. GALA tokens can be used to purchase NFTs or in-game goods. Town Star, which is similar to SimCity, can be used as a virtual builder of towns while other games make.


New craze is cryptocurrency gaming. Current games are going extinct because of Play-to Earn. Because actual ownership can be exciting. The gaming industry is a great example of this, as individuals can now make huge amounts of money from their work and also enjoy some exciting games.

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