Zen Capital , Dust Ventures , Dib Ventures , Scorpio VC

Alf protocol signed several strategic alliances with VCs in recent months. These partnerships are vital to the continued development of Alf protocol. The Alf ecosystem will continue to improve with the team’s continued efforts, strategic partners, VCs, and the community working together.

Alf allows capital to be deployed on Solana with or without margins up to 200x. It is used for liquidity provision as well as yield farming. We make it easy for liquidity providers to earn money and increase their network’s value by making capital deployment easier. Now, the company is a venture-backed startup and leverages strategic partnerships. Many VCs have invested in the company, including Scorpio, DustVentures, DibVentures, DibVentures and ZenCapital. This will allow for the continued development of the protocol.

Zen Capital

Zen Capital, a cryptocurrency venture is among the most active within the sector. The firm made recent investments in decentralized finance and metaverses. The fund is heavily interested in the future of the digital economy.Portfolio : ertha , spellfire , solchicks , readyplayerdao & 20 more.

Dust Ventures

Dust Ventures is an investment firm for cryptocurrency startups. They provide support at an early stage when it’s needed the most. Dust Ventures is an experienced guide for promising entrepreneurs involved in innovative projects within the cryptocurrency industry.

Dib Ventures

DIB Ventures, an investment company that focuses exclusively on the blockchain and digital currency ecosystems, is DIB Ventures. Our team of experts in blockchain and cryptology is dedicated to finding, funding, and researching the most innovative companies within this sector.


Scorpio VC, a dynamic and adaptable asset management business, is young. Apart from US stocks, HK stocks, and stock trading, Scorpio VC also offers short-term quantitative funds (for the which it is still applying to an A share license), digital assets funds, supernode operation, crypto product development and supernode services.

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