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The value of the digital asset xrp increased more than 10% over the past seven days. This is despite the loss that most crypto coins suffered last week. Whale Alert data shows that someone transferred 449.3 millions xrp as of December 19. Additionally, Sologenic is expected to send an airdrop to xrp holders.

In the Week Ago, XRP gained 10%. Whales are moving Hundreds of MILLIONS of Tokens.

Markets and the crypto asset xrp have been buzzing since the currency’s 10% increase in value over the week has caused a stir. The XRP price is now up 54% (YTD) over the last week and controls 1.76% in crypto’s $2.3 trillion economy. XRP prices have fluctuated between $0.83- $0.91 per unit in the last 24 hours. While 54% YTD gains are decent, XRP’s 12-month gains have been much lower than most of the crypto assets in the top ten.

Furthermore, XRP is still down 74% lower than the crypto asset’s all-time high (ATH) almost four years ago on January 07, 2018. XRP is a multi-pair currency, however USDT commands 62.97%. The following are: KRW (11.93%), BTC (5.34%), USD (5.34%), USD (2.62%), JPY (2.40%), BUSD (2.13%), BUSD (3.213%), BUSD (3.133%), BUSD (2.13%), EUR (9.1%), USDC (0.91%) and GBP (0.75%).

XRP's Market Price Gains on Upcoming Sologenic Airdrop, XRP Whales Start Moving Millions
XRP/USD via Bitstamp.

Binance, Bequant and Hitbtc are some of the top exchanges that trade in XRP. XRP saw a lot more whale activity in the last 48-hours. Whale Alert, for instance, captured 17,700,000.000 XRP worth $15 Million transferred from Bitso into an unknown wallet. Also, the bot caught 20,000,000 funds transferred from Bithumb into an unknown wallet.

Other XRP transfer transactions were also made by the whale parser, including 20,000,000 to Coinsph and 2,000,000 to Bitso. Whale Alert caughtA company moving 449.3million xrp in December 19. This was done in two different locations transactions.

Sologenic’s SOLO Airdrop Sparks Demand

Some people believe that XRP is driven by demand from those who are interested in a 500 million dollar airdrop. Sologenic is a company that leverages XRP and plans to distribute a cryptocurrency called SOLO tokens for XRP holders. The project aims to “become the most influential blockchain-based project in the world by bridging the gap between traditional financial markets and cryptocurrencies.”

The project will also be doing an airdrop of a token called Coreum (CORE) in addition to the SOLO snapshot. Sologenic explains that SOLO will be available for trade on the project’s decentralized exchange (dex) platform and there will be “a total supply of 400,000,000 SOLO available.” The Sologenic team says that the SOLO coins are issued on the XRP Ledger.

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