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What are Sassy Unicorns? NFT

Sassy Unicorns is a group of 10,000 NFTs that are stored on Ethereum. You can adopt each unicorn, which will be distributed randomly during the minting events.

Extraordinary About Sassy Unicorns (NFT)

NFT holders can earn 7$ per day by keeping NFT in the wallet.

Passive Income Token

Our goal is to create an infinite loop. As passive income grows, NFT value increases. Also, token prices rise. Therefore passive income also increases.

Why token?

The core of the Sassy Unicorns Universe will be a token. The universe will grow in utility as it grows. Sassy unicorns’ mission is more than just a 2D PFP or 3D avatar. It’s about family, utility, and of course the main life source of any unicorn, token that fuels the ecosystem the TRUE way, on the blockchain. (*The SUNI token is under development and not available for code testing yet.)

The Control of the Floor

You will have a grace period to keep NFT in your wallet for 12 days before you can earn token daily. Your NFT will be redeemed after the 12 day grace period ends if you transfer/transfer/list it.

Not for flippers, but project for holders

Be patient and you’ll get your reward. It is not for people who want quick cash or flippers. This project is not for rugpulls.


To receive a Baby Unicorn, hold any two Sassy Unicorns (NFT) in your wallet.

What’s Next for Sassy Unicorns

Sassy Unicorns has developed a long-term strategy to expand and add value for its community. The developers plan to release 3D unicorns, and VX unicorns once the community has become a strong and active one. More details soon. This is a step towards empowering Sassy Unicorns NFT holder to make this phenomena even more successful.

Mint now on: https://sassyunicorns.io/

Website: https://sassyunicorns.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SassyUnicornNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/2PjVUrJvDJ


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