What are AI and Web3 Valuation, Tokenization, and Monetization as a Service (VTMaaS)?

It takes a lot of skill to value and monetize tokenized assets. Asset management is therefore not accessible to all as a means to increase growth capital or liquidity.

At a compound annual rate of 21.09%, the global tokenization market will grow from $1.92 Billion in 2021 to $2.32 Billion in 2022. Tokenization enhances risk management, increases liquidity, reduces costs and improves liquidity.

It can be easy to make buzzwords like AI and web3 valuation and tokenization. These buzzwords can sound like a bunch of unrelated words. But, when combined into a single service they allow organizations of any size to realize the potential value of their tangible or intangible assets. These services can be used to unlock new revenue streams and increase user adoption.

At its core, Valuation, Tokenization, and Monetization as a Service (VTMaaS) is the ability to take something of value — like a company or asset — and break it down into small pieces that can be traded on a blockchain. It makes it possible for individuals to invest in assets they may not be able to previously and creates new possibilities for monetizing them.

Ovenue, a company that uses state-of-the art AI and blockchain-enabled portfolio management and valuation engines, is working to revolutionize the asset management sector. Ovenue empowers enterprises of all sizes with their technology that’s backed up by AI and Web3.

Ovenue licenses AI and Web3 technologies to asset valuation, tokenization and monetization. Asset owners or businesses can turn their real-world assets into asset-backed digital products (such as asset-backed tokens, a type of non-fungible tokens) that can be licensed, sold, and collateralized using Ovenue’s end-to-end software and platform, powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. This software product can be used for financial institution asset management, digitization, financing, or any other purpose by small to medium-sized businesses.

Tokenization Asset Evaluation and Identification

The initial step of the tokenization process involves identifying which assets would be most useful for tokenization. After potential assets are identified, it is necessary to value them and evaluate their liquidity requirements, risk/return profile and other factors.

Following a detailed analysis, the report which outlines whether tokenizing is possible for the asset under consideration has been generated.

Asset owners or businesses may be able to choose which off-chain intangible and tangible assets they want to add to Ovenue. Real-world assets can also be tokenized, including intellectual property, commodities, natural resource, and real properties.

To determine a fair market price for assets, you need reliable software that can predict the future and expert asset management knowledge. To accurately calculate an asset’s value off-chain, it takes market knowledge and expert skill. Ovenue is skilled at this.

The valuation process structured by the team at Ovenue combined with predictive and historical metrics adds precision and trust to asset valuation and tokenization thanks to AI and Distributed Ledger Technology’s (DLT) immutability. Smart contracts are legal and can be enforced, resulting in a new category of transparent and highly valued assets.

Monetization and tokenization of assets

Tokenization is the conversion of assets into digital tokens that can be traded online. It allows you to make the asset more liquid and transfer ownership. After an asset is tokenized it can either be traded or used as collateral in loans.

Because of their inherent risks, assets must be kept apart. Intangible assets are particularly vulnerable.

Ovenue gives asset owners the opportunity to seperate their assets and create a Special Purpose Vehicle to legally legalize asset ownership.

ABTs are key for creating asset-backed products such as asset sales, TradFi and Debts. As they can’t be duplicated or subdivided, it simplifies funding and monetizing.

ABTs need a place where they can trade or be transacted for further funding. The ability to exchange digital currency securely is a key feature for asset owners, which can lead to financial freedom and new growth possibilities.

ABTs, after valuation and tokenization are available for sale, collateralized financing for future financing or licensed for royalties.


Ovenue’s AI-enabled platforms and financial protocols have significantly simplified raising capital.

Asset tokenization allows investors to buy and sell highly valuable assets on the platform. This also allows for a greater return on investment.

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