Bitcoin Price Climbs Upward With Trading Volume At A 3-Month High

In the 24 hour period, crypto markets were practically green with many assets recovering some of their value including Bitcoin. The trend is now in a downward direction. The market has seen a dramatic decline in crypto assets.

Bitcoin has crashed from its height of over $20,000 in today’s trading hours. It was not given the support it needed to stay at this higher level. BTC dropped to $18,770 shortly after it crossed the $20K threshold. Its value fell by more than 6%.

Bitcoin, remember? recordedYesterday’s record-breaking growth was more than 5%. The company’s market cap grew to over $386 million. The altcoin’s market cap was almost 40%.

Other cryptocurrency assets weren’t left behind in the bullish trend that occurred last Tuesday. The green trend saw most tokens grow in value. The market capitalization soared to nearly $1 trillion due to this massive increase of more than 40 billion tokens in just one day.

Bitcoin Price Falling and Other Crypto Markets

Ethereum lost about 7% in trading early today and fell to $1,300 below its current level. Altcoins that are important also saw a drop in value, but they now tend to trend upwards.

BTC trades at $19 362 as of the writing. This indicates that the price has fallen to $19,362 in the last 24 hours. Its market capitalization dropped to $365.8 million. As a result, Bitcoin’s dominance over the altcoins decreased by 0.38% in the past 24 hours to 39.46%.

Bitcoin Price Climbs Upward With Trading Volume At A 3-Month High
Bitcoin gains $19,300 in BTCUSDT from

BTC has seen a surge in trading volume despite falling prices. Its 24-hour trading volume currently stands at $57.8 million. This was the highest volume for primary crypto assets in three months.

Santiment was an online data provider that described the current pump-and-dump scenario. The firm stated that there is an increase of trading volumes in the cryptocurrency market, and Bitcoin prices are falling. Following its January low, this year’s spike in trading volumes has been slow. The BTC price peaked Tuesday on the site, which was reported by it since June 14.

Impact Of Macro Factors On Crypto Assets

Due to the increasing inflation rate, crypto assets have fallen. The US equity market was hit hard by volatility, which has seen stocks and bonds fall, as well as commodities.

Bitcoin and all crypto managed to evade the US-equities pressure for a time. But they couldn’t sustain it. The global macro influences that include high interest rates and other factors are currently impacting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency assets.

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