VLaunch Announces Big-Name Crypto Backers Ahead Of Its Launch

The VLaunchProject is seeing significant momentum ahead of its major launch in this month’s blockchain community. There are a number of large names supporting it.

The project’s list of backers reads like an A to Z of some of the top influencers in the blockchain space. Names like That Martini Guy (117,000). Altcoin BuzzWith 335,000 subscribers, and Crypto Busy205,000 are joined by professionals such as Metavest Capital Venture Capital. Altcoin Daily, Crypto Lark, The Moon Carl Davincij15.

VLaunch is fronted by a couple of well-known blockchain influencers themselves – MMCryptoCrypotoMo is a platform that aims to make it possible for anyone to have access early-stage, promising cryptocurrency projects before these ventures become mainstream.

VLaunch will be different to other projects in its field. The launchpad is described as the first of its kind, metaverse-based and multichain, with support for Ethereum (Binance Smart Chain), FTM, Matic/Polygon, and FTM right away. The launchpad will have a wide range of tokens and will engage in active conversations with many prominent influencers within the cryptocurrency industry.

VLaunch’s mission is to focus on the community. Its founders emphasize that blockchain is about giving power and control to all, not just the few. We can therefore expect VLaunch’s community of top blockchain thought leaders, to help us identify and guide the emerging DeFi project opportunities.

Vlaunch is moving fast, with more than 88,000 users in Telegram. Vlaunch also announced its pre-launch listing at CoinMarketCap. Hedge funds like Brilliance Ventures, Hype Partners and the Skynet decentralized file-sharing protocol and MarketAcross’s PR agency MarketAcross are all said to have signed on as key partners.

Christopher Jaszczyski of MMCrypto stated that VLaunch was created after he had missed the most significant initial coin offerings over the years.

“I missed out on Axie Infinity, for example, I missed out on Decentraland… I wanted to invest in the ICO back then,” he said. “These things made like 100s and even 1,000s of X’s…  We want to find a way – how we can get our community in completely for free… the whole space is gonna be big.”


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