Vitalik Buterin Does It Again, Token DIE On Route To Flip THE?

After Vitalik Buterin tweeted about DIE, a new token was created. Previously, Buterin joked about launching a project called “THE Protocol,” The community took it about themselves to mint it and boosted its value. 

Across social media, people are starting to speculate on DIE, the article “The” written in german, flipping THE. Despite the fact that Bitcoin and Ethereum have crashed 80% since their highs, there is still a meme coin movement. Vitalik Buterin supports it directly and indirectly. 

Ethereum ETH ETHUSDT Vitalik Buterin THE DIE
ETH’s price moving sideways on the 4-hour chart. Source: ETHUSDT tradingview

Vitalik Buterin Fuels the Crypto Market Stalls’ Meme Coins Prices

Crypto bear markets are causing market participants and traders to become bored, which allows these tokens to grab attention. When Bitcoin or Ethereum is volatile, traders find themselves attracted by volatility in DIE/TH. 

Vitalik Buterin also has an extensive platform. Recent trends in meme coins have shown that support or indirect endorsement from the founder of Ethereum can increase the price of any token. This is true even for those with small market capital. 

THE and DIE are trending because of crypto influencers’ support and personalities other than Vitalik Buterin. This group has thousands or even thousands of followers and is willing to take part in any project supported by the personalities. 

THE’s market cap has more than doubled in just five days. It now holds over 4,000 holders. The project is also gaining much of the attention it deserves on social media. Crypto Bitlord and Jaso Crypto are among the prominent crypto influencers that support this project, as is Eric Crypto, Jaso Crypto, Eric Crypto and David Gokhshtein. 

Gokhshtein’s Twitter account boasts over 600,000 fans wroteHere are the links to THE and the Meme Coin Movement: 

Is $THE now the $SHIB next? It takes just one person, with an enormous platform such as Vitalik Buterin, to make a joke. Then it becomes a project. That’s crazy.

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