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VICUNA was created to create cutting-edge technology. VICUNA team believes in building products that improve customers’ lives and advance the state of VR as an industry with a strong focus on innovation and Artificial Intelligence(AI)—backed by the UAE’s leading investors, including Smart Desert Investment and Bin-Dhaen Holding.

OSDT created VICUNA, a Dubai-based licensed company. The VICUNA team is a group of world-renowned AI and Blockchain researchers and scientists.

The VICUNA team; constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new avenues for immersive technology to make a difference in people’s lives. VICUNA’s mission is to open up new possibilities for immersive technology innovation and transformation. Metaverse’s new smell-and-touch section lets users create the future and explore the next levels of gamification. Join us in building better internet and virtual reality services tomorrow.

VICUNA, with its focus on the future, is creating Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. This combines sensory immersion with Blockchain technology. Through innovative VICUNA Platform solutions, the ultimate goal of VICUNA Platform is to transform how digital people communicate.

Our Mission

VICUNA’s mission is to provide an end-to-end solution to enrich the user experience within the metaverse. VICUNA uses state-of the-art technology to improve people’s lives with happiness, enjoyment, and high quality life.

VICUNA brings real-world senses to virtual reality – building an environment where everything you see before your eyes can also be touched and felt like the real world. This world doesn’t feel like a simulated experience, a real place where even the slightest changes can make a difference.

VICUNA’s mission is to use technology to protect animals, distribute money-making models to create lots of part-time and full-time jobs, and create complete freedom and a financial bridge between the real and virtual worlds. Their focus is on immersive technology and the future of AR/VR.


VINAVerse, the VICUNA Version, is Metaverse’s VICUNA Version. Its primary objectives are to offer a uniquely smelt-enriched digital lifestyle, as well as shopping and entertainment. VINAVerse is available free as either an individual application, or as an integrated part of your company’s Software Development Kit(SDK), Application Programming Interface(API). VINAVerse contains: VINA FitNet (Meta-ID), Bridge between traditional banking and new Decentralized Finance models, Blockchain-based Messenger (MetaZoo), Securely Refer and Earn by ReferNet and Democratized Ads and MetaCredit.

VINAVerse digital scent:

Take your immersive customer experience to the next level with VICUNA’s unique scent technology. Both VICUNA’s scent technology and VICUNA have been designed to enrich your experience while not disrupting the immersion into the metaverse. You can smell and feel the things you hear.

VICUNA Platform, Smell in Metaverse-VINAVerse

Whether it’s the aromatic scents of a tropical rainforest or the refreshing aroma of spring flowers, VICUNA Scent allows you to explore your favorite virtual worlds like never before. With our advanced scent technology, you’ll be able to smell the world around you and truly feel like you’re part of the action in Realworld.

Join VICUNA’s journey into the new world and explore the ultimate immersive customer experience – powered by OSDT. VICUNA Metaverse lets you feel and touch flowers, the cool breeze, and the taste of water all within a virtual environment. With VINAVerse, you’ll be able to experience the wonders of nature.

In Q1, 2023 – VICUNA is releasing the first virtual reality game with real sensations. You’ll be able to feel your opponent’s every movement and strike while using the latest haptic and sensory technology to experience an immersive VR game unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

VICUNA Platform, Smell in Metaverse-VINAVerse

Integrated Metaverse Smell with Reality level virtual scenes – VICUNA Metaverse with a focus on a Higher Level of Sense can boost sales and enrich the digital-life/Shopping experience. VICUNA Platform integrates powerful computer vision and automatic smell generation applications to identify new objects and different types of scents. VICUNA utilizes its Dynamic Smell Generation cartridges. This allows users to detect many different scents using a limited amount of cartridges. It also preserves health and protects standards.


VICUNA provides care for all living creatures, large and small. The VICUNA MetaZoo provides a digital environment for animals that don’t involve being locked in cages.

Our innovative Augmented Reality technology gives our animals freedom to move around in their natural environment while communicating with us. Whether exploring the African plains, watching lions hunt their prey, or diving into the coral reefs, you’ll experience nature’s wonders right from your living room.

VICUNA is the exact same experience you get at the Zoo. And all tickets sold go towards conservation projects in the world. Your support will help us save endangered species, and encourage responsible animal conservation.

VICUNA MetaZoo, a form of gamification, allows you interact, earn, joy and help animals and plants.

VICUNA Platform, Smell in Metaverse-VINAVerse


VICUNA’s crypto ecosystem was created by VINA, which was sold in private in June 2022. The presale for the public is underway and it is now confirmed that the token will be available on all major crypto exchanges. Over the last few months, VINA token’s value has increased exponentially from $0.02 in June 2022 down to $0.14 now. This is in addition to growing user popularity.

VINA token provides many Defi services and offers opportunities to businesses and users to participate in the next generation digital-life.

VINA is a platform that empowers its users to attain financial freedom through digital assets. It also makes the transition from credit to fiat as easy as possible. VINA Token was built on the Binance-Smart-Chain technology. BEP20 produced 4.5 Billion VINA. VICUNA blockchain developers have been working hard to find new ways of integrating digital currency in everyday life.

VICUNA’s massively ambitious project has been divided into three phases. The first phase will launch in the second quarter 2022. VINAVerse will then be released and sold to the public. VINA MetaZoo, and FitNet, will launch during the first and second stages of 2023. In the VINA Verse, users will be able to use their senses of touch and smell along with offers like 4D restaurants.

VICUNA’s “VINA Verse” is an easy-to-integrate platform that can be utilized to design and sell digital elements. Anybody can create digital assets in VINA-acceptable formats. There will also be opportunities for users-to-user sales, gaming and other events. VICUNA Credit Bridge allows assets to be made available in physical reality.

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