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The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance has slid 15.63% since the metric’s all-time high of $275 billion sixteen days ago on December 1. The TVL has fallen 7.19% since the beginning of December. There have been seven days of losses for many protocols in terms of TVL.

Defi Tokens YFI, CVX See 7 Day Double-Digit Gains. Aggregate Locked to Defi Slips Closely to 3% to 243 Billion

Statisticians have estimated that $132.6 Billion or roughly 5.9% of all $2.28 Trillion crypto-economy is made up by decentralized financial (defi), tokens. terra (LUNA) is the largest defi token by market capitalization. It has an 18% market dominance and a market value of approximately $23.9 billion. Convex finance and yearn finance were the top performing defi assets over the past week. This week, yearn finance saw an increase of 33% and convex financing saw a decrease in 26.3%.

Value Locked in Defi Continues to Slide, ETH Defi Dominates by 65%, Solana Transactions Reign

The defi tokens bonfida and tokemak (TOKE), suffered the worst weekly losses. Tokemak suffered a loss of 31.6% and bonfida a decrease in USD value by 28.7%. Uniswap Version 3 has $2 billion daily volume and is currently the largest decentralized exchange. Uniswap is followed by Pancakeswap. Trader Joe. Biswap. Sushiswap. Uniswap. Raydium2. Curve Finance.

There’s been $6.2 billion in 24-hour dex trade volume and 158,035,713 monthly visits to dex protocols. reports that the total value locked across multiple blockchains amounts to $232 billion, with Curve leading at 9.17%. Curve’s TVL is $21.28 billion and it supports seven different blockchains.

Ethereum still dominates the Defi Landscape. Solana Transactions at 45 billion, Cross-Chain Bridge TVL Slides 3.4% last month

Ethereum is the most popular defi block chain today, with $159.64 trillion TVL. This equates roughly to 65.44% total defi TVL. BSC, Binance’s smart chain is currently the second-largest defi blockchain. BSC’s $16.53billion TVL was on Friday, which represents roughly 6.7% of defi’s $243.94 billion. BSC’s chains are Terra, Solana. Avalanche. Tron. Polygon. And Fantom. Fantom (3.52%) and BSC (1.75%) were the two top-ten defi chains with a higher TVL percentage.

Statistic from Coin98 Analytics indicateSolana has 45 billion transactions in blockchain networks. Solana’s transaction dominance is followed by Tron (2.68B), BSC (2.09B), Ethereum (1.39B), Polygon (1.19B), HECO (534M), and Algorand (464M). According to Coin98 Analytics, the metrics of validated users on most popular blockchains are as follows: Tron (2.68B), BSC (2.09B), Ethereum (1.39B), Polygon (1.19B), HECO (534M), and Algorand (464M). showEthereum is home to 270,322 validators while Elrond boasts 3,222.

Value Locked in Defi Continues to Slide, ETH Defi Dominates by 65%, Solana Transactions Reign
This chart is from Coin98 Analytics on December 14, 2020.

Lastly, as far as the TVL in cross-chain bridges is concerned, there’s $22.73 billion in cross-chain bridge TVL today. There’s been a 3.4% loss in TVL during the last 30 days and Ronin Bridge commands the top position with $6.4 billion. Avalanche (@5.88B), Polygon (5.83B), Arbitrum (2.33B), Fantom (1.33B), and Optism (433M) follow Ronin.

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