UQUID Partners with Binance Pay To Deliver Millions Of Products To Crypto Users

There is an enormous e-commerce market. Crypto has found its home in this space. To meet increasing demand, merchants all over the globe have begun to integrate payment methods with crypto on their sites. Uquid, an online retailer, has made a partnership with Binance Pay so that customers can pay in crypto.

Uquid offers a wide range of products, from apparel to electronics to gaming to apparel. Uquid is a marketplace that offers all the same features as Amazon, where customers can shop and pay their bills. The e-commerce site now accepts crypto payments. This allows crypto shoppers to pay easily from their wallets.

Everything Marketplace

Uquid offers the Web 3.0 shopping experience through a marketplace. You can use Uquid to access shopping mining features, earn rewards, stake points and take part in token airdrops offered by merchants.

Uquid allows you to easily shop online and make payments. At checkout, customers are able to select from among 40 different tokens to shop with, and what’s more, there are no fees on these crypto transactions, thanks to Binance Pay.

Uquid, affectionately known as DeFi and an e-commerce platform is accepting tens to tokens using the Ethereum blockchain payment solution. Uquid welcomes integrations of blockchains into its DeFi shopping system.

Uquid users can shop with BinancePay using a secure, contactless and borderless payment option. They also have the ability to make installment payments. The new “Buy Now, Pay Later” from Uquid is the first of its kind as it is the only platform that offers BNPL by crypto. UquidPay will allow customers to divide crypto payments in three equal installments over three months. There are no additional fees.

Uquid opens NFT Marketplace

Uquid launched its NFT marketplace to fulfill its mission of being an e-commerce platform that supports DeFi. On the Uquid NFT platform, users can sell, buy and even discover rare NFTs. This smart NFT marketplace system allows users to instantly purchase digital assets and verify ownership.

Subscriptions, gift cards and groceries can also be bought from Uquid. To be added to the payment methods section of Uquid, users can send tokens. Uquid has millions of users around the world and is accessible worldwide.

Uquid Card

Uquid, the first cryptocurrency card to allow payments in multiple altcoins, was first introduced into crypto. Uquid provided a Visa card that allowed cardholders access to multiple altcoins and thousands of merchants around the world. It quickly became a leader in this space, and gained a lot of attention from the rest of the crypto community.

Uquid was able to launch and develop the DeFi e-commerce market after the card’s success. To offer more payment options, the project integrated DeFi smart payments solutions. It has since grown to host more than 2,000,000 products. Uquid hopes to grow this number by 5 million in 2022.

Uquid was among three blockchains honored at TechCrunch Disrupt 2017, held in San Francisco. The project is poised for success as it spreads its wings and competes with other e-commerce platforms.

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