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The Uniswap Foundation announced its first round of foundation grants Wednesday. This group is behind decentralized exchange (dex), Uniswap. They plan to award $1.8 million in total across 14 grants. The UF announces that Uniswap Diamond receives a bit more than $800K. This is a project by GFX Labs.

Uniswap Will Distribute $1.8M to 14 Projects

The Uniswap Foundation released the first round of grants on September 21. These grants are intended to support the development and advancement of decentralized finance. According to the UF the foundation will distribute $1.8 Million in the form 14 grants. The largest amount will go towards the project Uniswap Diamond. GFX Labs are currently creating the Uniswap Diamond project. They will give it $808,725 over 3 disbursements. The UF says the project is “one of the most ambitious initiatives ever to be funded by Uniswap Grants.”

Projects like Uniswap.fish (previously Uniswap Calculator), a Uniswap Data Extractor tool and a Uniswap v3 Development Course will receive grants. UF details that the grants’ size and scope were broken down into three different categories, which include:

  • Protocol Growth contains a decentralized volatile oracle and a tool for data analysis that converts the Uniswap data into a CSV.
  • Community Growth includes a Uniswap v3 course, events in Latin America and Africa and a Uniswap v3 training course.
  • Governance Stewardship will include a detailed look at the status of Uniswap delegation. This analysis will result in a number of recommendations for improving governance.

Uniswap grants for community members will also be made to defi throughout Latin America and Africa. This includes a “series of events, workshops, and gatherings” in Latin America and “sponsorship of the Ghana Crypto and Defi Summit 2022.” UF further explains that a grant is being awarded to the Phi Metaverse, in order to give “support for the creation of Uniswap specific in-game assets and quests.” Another grant will go towards sponsoring the virtual hackathon Ignition Hacks and another, toward a governance stewardship solution called Holdim.

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