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On Monday, the sports and entertainment collectibles giant Topps announced the launch of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the firm’s classic science fiction-themed trading card series Mars Attacks. The limited-edition NFT collection will be hosted on the NFT platform Curio and will “mark Mars Attacks’ introduction into the blockchain.”

Topps Announces NFTs to Honor the 1962 Hit Collectible Trading card Series Mars Attacks

The company announced its first Mars Attacks NFT collectibles following the influx in NFTs Topps released. These include digital MLB trading cards and Garbage Pail Kids collectibles. Mars Attacks was a collection of Topps science fiction trading cards. It first appeared in 1962. Wally Wood drew these cards. The story is about Martians that invade the earth. However, aliens also rule the planet.

Topps Releases NFTs Featuring Science Fiction-Themed Collectible Card Series Mars Attacks
Topps’ original Mars Attacks tradingcards, published in 1962.

These cards became very popular in the Cold War. According to statistics at some cards sell for as much as $3,500 at an auction. The card series distributed by Topps became well known in American culture and inspired a Tim Burton film called “Mars Attacks!” in 1996. Topps announced today that the first Mars Attacks NFTs were launched through Curio, the NFT marketplace.

“Topps is thrilled to partner with Curio on bringing the Mars Attacks world into NFTs,” Tobin Lent, the VP, and global general manager of Topps Digital Sports and Entertainment said in a statement sent to News. “The new collection delivers excitement to passionate fans of the science-fiction trading card series by honoring its heritage. Topps remains committed to working with a range of partners as we explore and innovate in this exciting new space.”

500 Full Mars Attacks NFT Sets — Topps NFTs Caught in the Fray of Many Competitors

The Mars Attacks NFT announcement states that the NFTs are sold in packs. They have different odds and some rarer items. There will be 564 “Yellow” packs that cost $49 per pack of 11 cards, 500 “Red” packs that will set someone back $99 per pack of 25 cards, and 150 “Green” packs that give the owner the full set of 55 cards at $199 a pack.

Topps Releases NFTs Featuring Science Fiction-Themed Collectible Card Series Mars Attacks
Mars Attacks NFT packs.

There will be redemption tickets for cards that offer static, animated, x-ray and gold cards. The entire Mars Attacks NFT Collection contains 27,510 cards. This equates roughly to approximately 500 sets plus ten redemption tickets.

Topps faces intense competition from NFT collector ventures such as Veve and NBA Top Shot. Veve recently partnered with Disney and the two firms have released NFTs featuring Disney’s popular Frozen character Elsa, Pixar’s Wall-E, Fox Entertainment’s The Simpsons, and Star Wars digital collectibles as well.

Let us know your thoughts on the Mars Attacks NFT collectibles. Comment below and let us know how you feel about the subject.

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