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Toki Universe is comprised of Antiques NFT (PFP), and our Miniverse. This project is a brand new Ethereum blockchain project that was created to bring some fresh air into the NFT space. This fractionalized NFT PFP is an innovative NFT collection that features antique themes. The storyline was inspired by the adventurous journeys of the Toki characters from Planet Earth.

These 10,000 PFP NFTs for treasure hunters were created using the ERC-721a Improve Protocol. The little hunters are tiny but powerful. They have over 300 attributes, which include character type, background and pet.

Toki Universe owners will be able receive and mint fractionalized old NFTs by DGallery. This fractionalized antique NFT is calculated using actual gallery products. Most items are purchased from auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie, and other private channels. DGallery was created to bring attention to the unique Chinese culture and tradition craftsmanship. It brings together thousands of years’ worth of authentic Chinese arts, crafts and heritage, and is committed to preserving them to the fullest extent. In addition, it has actively collected artworks from China and antiques that have high-value since the Ming/Qing dynasties. The gallery has grown to be a modern, antique-collecting house that serves a greater number of art enthusiasts. It currently holds more than 1000 pieces.

Toki Universe was founded by NFT experts who have seen firsthand how successful and unsuccessful other projects. NFT has been steadily becoming more mainstream. They wanted something that would be truly unique and make them stand out. They also recognize the value of transparency, consistency and building an engaged and loyal community within the NFT industry. The model uses high-quality art and utility to channel unremitting wealth back into the community. The mission of bringing Toki Universe to Planet Earth began after assembling an expert team.

Toki Universe PFP 10.000

According to Mr. Louivee Lim, the project advisor of Toki Universe: “We want to merge our expertise in both the traditional and virtual world to bring about a fascinating and extraordinary collection that the NFT space has never seen before. While we wow the new world, we also work hard to preserve the old world, which includes beautiful ancient relics.”

Toki Universe also offers other important utilities such as a revenue stream through antique sales, invitations to play on the metaverse and the possibility to join the Toki Achievement Bar, or TAB. The timeline to develop TAB as well as other benefits for Toki Universe has been laid out in our dedicated roadmap. You will also be able to purchase merchandise like caps, hoodies, and T-shirts. Holders with a specific level of membership will be invited to attend the most exciting parties or events in their area.

AR Antique NFT vs Real Antique

Toki Universe is being developed in The Sandbox. Decentraland and Otherside are currently in discussions and are expected to be included in the roadmap. Otherside’s highly-anticipated collaboration through the purchase metaverse land and the joining of forces with Bored Ape Yacht Club has also been added.

Toki Universe has a long-term vision to promote a healthy and sustainable community. 10,000 in total supply of Toki NFTs will soon be launched through the new and exciting Toki Auction medium  to  effectively set the trend and lead the way in the NFT world. Doodles inspired, this auction lets bidders bid as much ETH as possible in their initial bids. They also have the opportunity to increase their bids. The auction schedule and the availability of NFT are also set. After the Toki Auction ends, the clearing prices are identified. All bids exceeding the clearing price will receive NFTs. If there’s any remaining after taking into account the user bids and clearing price, a refund will be issued. Any unsuccessful bids will receive a full refund.

To increase value for loyal, highly-valued owners who hold the antiques up to their full price, part of the profit will go to the community wallet. Holders will have access to the Toki Marketplace.

Toki Universe’s official launch is quickly approaching. Toki Universe’s team works tirelessly to prepare for future holders’ expectations and to set the stage for NFT.

The Toki Universe NFT PFP Collection will be officially launched on September 9th, 2022. Toki Universe is open to all WEB3.0 fans.

“Our design comes with PFP, card game design, and future metaverse game attributes. It is our first NFT space knowledge. It took us more than 8 months to build this project and we are still at the beginning.” by QX Creative Director of Toki Universe.

Official Launching (Minting) 9th September 2022 at 6:00 AM EST
Reveal Date: 16th September 2022

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