Ethereum Nears Another Milestone Ahead Of Merge, Rally Incoming?

Over the last year Ethereum has achieved many milestones. However, with the announcement of a set date for the move to proof of stake, aka the ‘Merge,’ there has been a flurry of activity on the network, pushing it towards even more impressive records. The milestone this time is the number of active addresses within the network. 

Aproximately 205 Million

It is amazing to see the rate that new, unique and distinctive Ethereum addresses are added to our network. There have been over 21 million unique addresses added to Ethereum’s network in 2022. The daily growth rate is almost 62,000 wallets.

Currently, there are more than 204.6 million distinct ETH addresses. Based on current daily rates, it will only take one week for Ethereum’s total address count to reach 205 million. 

This milestone is significant because 5 years ago there were just 18.4 million unique ETH addresses. The number of ETH addresses have increased by more than 1000% over the past half-a decade. 

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If the number ETH unique addresses continues growing at current rates, it will reach almost 220 millions by 2022.

A Second Rally for Ethereum

ETH was on a remarkable bull rally when the announcement of the Ethereum Merge took place. It had reached $2,000. The hype had died down, and ETH’s price had fallen back to $1,500, but as the Merge draws closer than ever, the crypto market has turned its gaze to the altcoin.

Two weeks remain until the Ethereum Merge, but the price of ETH has remained steady despite market declines. The activity has increased, which could lead to more interest in the digital asset.

Keep in mind, however, that staking is still on the rise and more than 13.5million ETH have been staked. This accounts for approximately 12% of total circulating supply. A decrease in supply, due to more investors turning to staking for rewards, could result in a brief squeeze that may trigger a rally even if it is only temporary.

The Merge will likely result in competition between POW ETH and the new POS ETH. Even though it could cause a rally, this competition is volatile. Nevertheless, the Merge could see ETH’s price retest $2,000 

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