Time To Buy SushiSwap (SUSHI)? Here Are The Levels To Watch

Other than Dogecoin(DOGE), Polygon, MATIC (MATIC) or Arweave. These are the market leaders today. SushiSwap, (SUSHI) is a little-known company that should not be overlooked.

Reflexivity Research co-founder, Will Clemente recently tweeted, SUSHI is currently “the cleanest trading sh*tcoin I’ve ever played. Whoever is market making this, 10/10 job.”

According to a respected analyst, the preferred level of $1.50-1.55 for buys is the one that has large binance bids.

According to the hourly chart, the SushiSwap token broke the $1.65 key level in the 1-hour chart. This makes it more vulnerable to further decline.

SUSHI reaches $1.65 Source: TradingView

The daily chart shows that the SUSHI price remains in an ascending channel. The next target for SUSHI could be at the $2.00 mark, if the trend continues and there is a rebound in the $1.55 region. SUSHI may regain this level, and all eyes will be set on $2.75.


SUSHII: The case for fundamentals

These fundamentals are in support of the hypothesis that SUSHI will continue to grow. The decentralized cryptocurrency exchange SushiSwap recently approved restructuring. Sushi DAO has approved the proposal to create 3 companies in order to establish a new DAO.

After the Ooki Dao was allegedly violating US investment laws, the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), on September 22, the Ooki DAO was notified. As a result, SUSHI’s price fell below $1.50.

So, the restructuring eliminated the regulatory uncertainty which had weighed on the price.

The news that GoldenTree acquired a $5.3 million stake at SushiSwap made it very bullish. The SUSHI token went up by 13%.

Clemente explainedSushiSwap’s positive turnaround has been achieved after it was made public. Jared Grey, the company’s new chief executive was first hired.

Next, GoldenTree, an asset manager worth $50 billion placed a wager on SUSDHI. The post was posted on the Sushi forum. Clemente also believes

Apart from the fact that I believe the genius Avi Felman & Goldentree will make every effort to prevent their first public crypto-position going bust, this presents an intriguing asymmetrical opportunity for Sushi.

If Goldentree orchestrates 1 positive change, the market will extrapolate that they’ll make several more. The market will make 2 more changes.

It could have a resonant effect on the Sushi turnaround story.

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