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An alliance of Web3 companies dedicated to creating standards for an interconnected universe was founded the Open Metaverse Alliance. The group, which includes companies like Animoca Brands and Dapper Labs as well as The Sandbox and Unstoppable Domains stated that its goal was to create a decentralized open metaverse.

Open Metaverse Alliance OMA3 Will Address Isolated World Problem

The concept of the Metaverse is a key element in many business models that will be developed over the coming years. However, it has inherent issues. There are many metaverses at the moment, but they aren’t interoperable and there is no mutual benefit. Open Metaverse Alliance OMA3, which was launched Nov. 1, seeks to solve this problem by developing standards that allow for communication.

OMA3 claims that the idea of the metaverse it creates is user-owned, community-driven and transferable. The company list includes companies such as Animoca Brands (Switzerland), Alien Worlds/Dapper Labs and Metametaverse/Space Metaverse, Superworlds/The Sandbox, Upland/Voxels, Unstoppable Domains, Superworlds and Superworlds.

Dirk Lueth was one of its founding members and stated the following:

OMA3’s vision is for a Web2-world that is platform-controlled to become a Web3-metaverse that is user-centric.

Study Areas of Particular Interest

In order to achieve its objectives, the organization has identified a set of key areas which will be subject to several working groups. Portal and Mapping Working Groups will address the issue of users being transferred between metaverse universes. Additionally, the legal group will be responsible for the complexity that comes with digital IP. Another group will work to develop standards for digital asset movement between the metaverses. To do this, assets and investments will be free to move between various metaverse platforms.

Sebastien Boorget, Sandbox CEO, commented on the significance of the view in the future of these platforms.

Users will have the ability to move digital objects they already own to other metaverses using these common standards. It creates an interconnected universe of virtual worlds where ownership and user experience are more important than platform dominance.

OMA3 isn’t the only body trying to establish standards for the metaverse. The Metaverse Standards Forum, which was established by Meta, Microsoft and Epic Games as well as Nvidia, launched on June 21st.

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